Saturday, July 31

Day 212

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!! I love you bunches!! :)

This is for real the weekend full of birthdays. Yesterday, mine; Today, my mom and aunt's; Tomorrow, Caiden's! It seems like only yesterday when I had just moved here and only two weeks later, Caiden was born. And tomorrow he's turning TWO....crazy.

I can't wait to get my Fujifilm Instax camera. SO STOKED.

We're watching some good ol' Office Season 3. It's been too long. I don't know what they did to this show, but man, they really messed it up. The new ones are just downright lame.

We need a couch, washer & dryer, and table and chairs. Anyone? Anyone at all?

Friday, July 30

Day 211

Fantastic birthday. Sakura for lunch with coworkers. Cantina Laredo for dinner with Danny. Fresh guacamole made at our table. Amazing enchiladas. Sweet CeCe's. Animal Crossing for the Wii. Three really awesome photography books. Fujifilm Instax mini 25. Hair straightener. Humongous headache. Lots of 'Happy Birthdays' from good friends. Ridiculously busy weekend looming ahead of me. $600 on car tires tomorrow. Invitations. Crossing things off the to do list. Clean my room maybe. Buy new clothes. Maybe bake a banana cake with my mom.

All in all, it's been good. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and for being a part of my life. <3


Thursday, July 29

Day 210

[Above: Little (or big, however you want to look at it) Jack!]

Today was Josh and Kelli's wedding shower! They would've been my photo of the day, but the only photo I got of the two of them together, they were both wearing some crazy tissue paper/ribbon concoction and I thought they might appreciate me not putting that all over the internet. ;) Seriously, so many people around me are getting married right now. It's just crazy. I have three weddings to attend in the month of August, one wedding to shoot in September, and our own wedding in October. CRAZYCAKES! It was so fun seeing everything Josh and Kelli got tonight. It gave me some ideas for stuff we forgot, haha. But for reals. They are two very awesome people. I am so excited for them to get married!! I think their wedding is going to be FANTASTIC.

Anyways. I'm super tired and still have one more day to work. I was told I'm "looking skinny" today...really? because uh, I certainly haven't been good with what I've been eating the past few weeks. Ha. But it was nice to hear all the same :)

Danny brought over my birthday presents early tonight and wrapped them in custom SCOOTER wrapping paper. I love him. He "made" me open up one early and it was ANIMAL CROSSING FOR THE WII!!! YES!!!!!!!! so stoked, you just don't even know. I'm such a nerd.

Wednesday, July 28

Day 209

I have a new obsession, and its name is Sweet CeCe's. We realized tonight just how close our apartment will be to the one on West I can feed my addiction all I want. YES.

So, my birthday is on Friday and it completely snuck up on me. Like, for real, I legitimately just forgot it was around the corner. That means I'm getting old, right? I remember when birthdays meant a party at Chuck-E-Cheese (or better yet, your local McDonalds) with TONS of presents and balloons and cakes and generally someone ended up crying by the time it was all over. "This ball pit ain't big enough for the two of us!" Those were the days... Who am I kidding, it was only a couple years ago that Tracy and I went sliding down the tall slide - sitting on food trays - at McDonalds. True story. It really optimizes your speed that way.

Tuesday, July 27

Day 208

Here's another almost-forgot-to-take-a-photo-today-so-you-get-one-taken-while-driving. I've got to quit doing that! I remember when I started this blog...208 days ago...and put so much thought and effort into my photos and blogs. The good ol' days...

We bought some IKEA furniture tonight. I love their stuff man. It's so good, and cheap.

OMG. I just realized that today was Tuesday. Yesterday, I thought, was Tuesday and I even mentioned that in yesterday's blog. But's today. DANG. It's like time is moving extra slow or something ridiculous.

I'm reading Catcher in the Rye right now. J.D. Salinger really has a way of capturing everyone's most annoying nuances and then writing about them so you can totally relate. The movies, man. The movies kill me.

Monday, July 26

Day 207

This is what happens when we hit up the Kroger at 9pm. Guess whose snack is whose?

I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I need to be self-employed. Don't get me wrong, I love my job - seriously the best job I've ever had. But there's just something about making your own schedule and being your own boss. ONE day. one day.

I get to pick where we go for dinner this Friday for my birthday...suggestions? :)

Sunday, July 25

Day 206

My aunt, uncle, two cousins, and baby cousin came in town today! Pictured above is Stevie and all his cuteness. We spent the evening with family; talking, laughing, and playing some crazy game called Songburst(?), of which I knew absolutely none of the lyrics by heart. It was a little pitiful on my part, but in my defense, I was a pretty sheltered kid. All I knew growing up was Stephen Curtis Chapman and DC Talk. You think I'm joking...I'm not.

At one point tonight I remember looking over and Aunt Amber had somehow squeezed all three baby cousins (Caiden, Jonah, and Stevie) into the rocking chair and was making Jonah mess with the other two boys' hair all the while trying to get all three of them to smile at the same time while Bethany snapped photos. Hilarious, to say the least. I love my family.

P.S. Aunt Amber, you can now go to sleep. ;)

Saturday, July 24

Day 205

So I've been meaning to read this book (that apparently every writer should read at least once) and I just never got around to it. So while at McKays today I purchased it (along with 6 other books, I just can't say no!!)

Today was a LOT of running around/doing errands...but I feel like we got a lot accomplished. Sort of. Ha.

I'm shooting my first wedding ever in September! I am beyond excited. And slightly nervous. Haha. We'll see which side wins in the end ;)

Friday, July 23

Day 204

So, I rented this lens.
And I LOVE it.
So, anyone have $1800 just lying around for me to have? HA....

We went to Kinko's tonight and found out it's going to be pretty inexpensive to print our invitations there. And then we can just assemble them ourselves at home with the rest of the stuff. Anyone have experience with Kinko's as far as invitations go? Do they do a good job? I'm hoping "inexpensive" doesn't equate to "cheap"...

Also, I'm pretty sure they should just tear down Opry Mills and rebuild a bigger and better Opryland in its place. With lots and lots of roller coasters. We discussed this at work today and everyone agrees.

I'm going to be 24 in exactly one week.

Thursday, July 22

Day 203

I literally have nothing to say. at all.

Wednesday, July 21

Day 202

I just need to point out - and maybe it's only because I now work at a publishing company and I notice this kind of stuff - but it's REALLY bugging me how C.S. Lewis' name isn't consistently in the same spot on the spine of each book. I mean, really? nerd alert.

Tonight, we (myself and coworkers) helped serve dinner to a hungry and tired group of volunteers. The majority of them were teenagers, with a few adults sprinkled in the mix. They drove here all the way from a church in Texas just to help rebuild one of our coworker's homes that got destroyed in the flood. How awesome is that? So in return we feed them lunch and dinner all week - not a bad deal. Laura and I got to sit with the oldest volunteer who was in his early 80's, wearing jean overalls, a hat, and the biggest smile you'll ever see; "Grandaddy" (he wouldn't let us call him anything else) was seriously the nicest little old man I've ever met. He told us stories of his (11) grandchildren and (6) great-grandchildren with another one on the way. He told us how his daughter met her husband on a mission trip. He explained how he loves for everyone to call him Grandaddy, because he loved his Grandaddy so much and when people call him that, it makes him feel just as loved. He told us how all of his family live scattered throughout Texas and they make it a point to see each other every holiday no matter how hard it is to get 30 people all together at one time. And when he spoke of his family, his eyes would light up and the biggest grin would spread across his face. You could just tell that this was a man who has spent his entire life loving. And in the end when we made to get up to help clear the tables, he said "Oh don't worry about it. I've been keeping an eye on everyone and it looks like they got everything cleaned up - I got you guys out of it!" with a little smirk and a wink. When it was time to go, he said that talking to us was the highlight of his night. But really, he was the highlight of ours. :)

Tuesday, July 20

Day 201

I bought some local honey today in hopes that it will cure my allergies, which have become completely insufferable as of late. Bah.

I am meeting with a prospective wedding client on Saturday and I am beyond excited! I really hope I feel confident enough to do it; I think this could be a great learning experience for me.

9 minutes left on my laptop battery. I remember when this thing used to last like 4 hours before I had to charge it. Those were the days..I really should just cave and buy a Mac.

Also, we tried to register at BB&B tonight and lo and behold their register gun thingy wasn't working. They tried to get us to make an appointment to come back and do it with an actual person. Um, what? Can you imagine how long that would take? Besides, I want the freedom of shooting everything in sight that looks even slightly awesome....haha. So we will be going to the Cool Springs location sometime soon. Take THAT, Hermitage BB&B!

Um. 4 minutes left. I better gooooooooBYE

Monday, July 19

Day 200

Day 200, REALLY?? Wow, time is flying.

I seriously did nothing today that really deserved a photo. So, you get Danny washing the dishes. Lives of excitement right here, let me tell ya.

I'm kiiiiind of stressing about invitations. Just gonna say it...
But I am oh-so-excited about getting our own place in less than 2 months (Danny gets to move in early), and decorating it and such. YAY. Earlier today it just hit me. I'll be walking down the aisle in less than 12 weeks and it will really be happening.


Sunday, July 18

Day 199

We're getting close to finalizing our invitations/getting them ready to print. I'm excited. Just have to order the paper, etc. We found this really cool idea for RSVP cards that I think we're going to use. YAY. It's all coming together, sort of. Haha.

Saw Inception today and I thought it was pretty awesome. Although I could've done without the annoying wife. Seriously, the movie still would've been great had she never existed....

Saturday, July 17

Day 198

Today was a REALLY good day. Started the morning off taste testing three different kinds of cakes at Savannah Tea Company...and it was all so amazing. I won't go into further detail in case we decide to go with them, that way the cake will be a surprise ;) but just was heavenly. From that point we ran errands/did random other things (blah blah blah), I took a very much needed nap (sugar-induced, I'm sure), and then met Brooke, Olivia, and Stef at Local Taco for dinner! Delicious, and good times as usual. I love my friends. Brooke had Buy-1-Get-1 coupons for Sweet CeCe's which I've never tried before and HOLY MOLY I can't believe what I've been missing. Rachel, you've been right all along, self-serve yogurt is where it's AT.

Afterwards, met up with Danny, Josh, and Lisa at Fido for coffee and tea (yes we had both) and hilarious conversation. Lots of fun. :)

All in all, a fantastic day, and I'm sure you were just dying to read a play-by-play of it right? Haha. Time for some Arrested Development I think.

Friday, July 16

Day 197

Happy Birthday to my favorite person, best friend, and future husband (who wouldn't let me take a photo of him for the blog today for SOME reason). I hope your day was awesome, I love you lots!

We went to Great Escape in search of a movie to buy (thanks to Green Hills selling out of Inception...grrr) and we finally settled on a box set of James Bond movies. Haha...not sure how that happened.


Thursday, July 15

Day 196

I've said it a billion times, and I'll say it again. I have the most amazing, loving, supportive family in the world. I can't imagine my life without them.

Tomorrow is Danny's birthday, so we had a little celebration for him tonight at the house. Chicken pot pie and two kinds of birthday cakes (Texas sheet cake thanks to my mom, and Icebox cake thanks to Smitten Kitchen (and myself for assembling it!). It turned out to taste like an Oreo milkshake, which is not a bad thing. Mmm, mmm.

I got the blue mason jars I ordered from Ebay in the mail today (yay!) and I'm so excited to get with Aunt Amber to put together some flower arrangements/etc. This is really happening.

I've sneezed, literally, like 50 times today. Maybe 60.

Wednesday, July 14

Day 195

Danny cooked stir-fry for us tonight. Yum yum.

I don't really have anything else to say.

The end.

Tuesday, July 13

Day 194

Brooke, Miranda and I went to go see Eclipse again tonight..for the 2nd time (Miranda's first). Ha! We're total nerds. But seriously, is it just me or does customer service just simply not exist anymore? About halfway through the movie, the audio started completely cutting out. It would last for a minute or so, and then come back. And then cut out again...and then come back. A few people got up and stormed out, so we assumed they were going to complain. It started working again for a while, and then towards the end the audio started messing up. Again. Well, I'm sorry, but I don't enjoy paying $9 to hear half of a movie. So when it was over, we marched right up to the customer service counter where two managers (I'm assuming they were managers, they had suit coats on?) stood. We explained the situation and, long story short, their general reaction was "Well, sorry, there's nothing we can do to help you." Are you KIDDING ME? I demanded my money back and they wouldn't refund me. I asked the guy what he would've done if he'd paid to go see a movie where the audio kept messing up, and he told me he would've walked out rather than stay. Ok dude, way to tell your customer that your movie theater isn't worth staying at or paying to go see a movie at. Are you KIDDING ME. Customer service just doesn't exist anymore. I've decided.

End rant.

The night was still enjoyable, however :) I had lots of fun with them! and I also realized that Panera is way overpriced..somehow I forget though, because I just keep. going. back.

Monday, July 12

Day 193

We got approved for a really cool apartment today!! We're like 99% sure we're going to go with that one. I'm excited. We've spent our evening looking at TVs and IKEA furniture. Ha. I cannot WAIT to have a place to call our own. All 700 sq. feet of it. :-)

I might actually get the opportunity to photograph a wedding early September and I am so excited about it! More details to come later once I've actually met up with them and such. I really think this is something I'd like to pursue as a career at some point. Also, Adam Hill's record finally came out and it was pretty awesome to see the photos on the front and back, done by yours truly. Just sayin.

Sunday, July 11

Day 192

Apologies, I'm sure you're all getting pretty tired of seeing photos of myself and/or Danny. :) This is seriously the ONLY photo I took today. and I know it looks like Danny took it with his arm right there all up in the way, but he didn't, I swear. Ha.

We're watching the Science of Sleep right now and I'm slightly confused. The French people in this movie are straaaaaaange.

I did not get as much accomplished this weekend as I would've liked. I suppose there's always next weekend.


Saturday, July 10

Day 191

Today was looooong and spent mostly in the car. We looked at some apartments and I think we may have found a good one. We'll see. I'm totally exhausted just from driving around, and I've had a nagging headache all day that finally decided to get worse about an hour ago.

Our church put on a Hawaiian-themed wedding shower for Bethany tonight, so that was fun. She got a lot of cool stuff that I'm definitely going to copy whenever we register (haha).

Ok bye!

Friday, July 9

Day 190

The girl at Dippin' Dots recognized us tonight. Pretty sure that means we go there WAY too often. This is not helping the get-skinny-before-my-wedding goal. No sir. But it was oh so delicious....

Yay Friday. this weekend is already jam packed of stuff we have to do. I'm determined to make some huge progress with our invitations by the end of Sunday.

I miss Florida and its beaches and its many seafood restaurants. Sigh.

I wanted to play in the rain earlier and Danny wouldn't indulge with me. Even bigger sigh.

Yay weekend!

Thursday, July 8

Day 189

japanese maple.

dinner with olivia and grant tonight, yay!

LONG week. i thought this week was supposed to be shorter.

so unbelievably stressed, frustrated, self-conscious, you name it.

anyone know of a good dermatologist?

Wednesday, July 7

Day 188

If you know me at all, you know I can count on one hand the things I know how to cook. My knowledge is so sub-par that I fear for Danny's health as I try my hand in the kitchen after we're married. But baking? Baking is something I can do, and more importantly, I enjoy. So tonight I told Danny I'd make him anything he wanted, just find me a recipe - and out of everything he could pick, he picked date bars. I've never eaten a date, nor a bar made out of one, but I think I did a pretty good job. He liked them, and that's what mattered :) I tried one and wasn't thrilled, but I think that's because dates remind me strongly of raisins....and raisins are my enemy.

Tuesday, July 6

Day 187

So it just hit me the other day that I'm over halfway done with this 365 Project. That's just...crazy. It seems like I started this blog yesterday, and here I am, 187 days later. I'm actually kind of looking forward to the end though; it'll give me a chance to start a "real" blog with "real" posts of photos that are always high-quality and text that's never forced. I might just do a Florida post on top of my regular daily posts. I took quite a few beach photos and I'd like to share them. :)

We have two cake tastings scheduled in a couple weeks. I am SO EXCITED. Is there anything better than free cake? I submit that there is not.

Monday, July 5

Day 186

[Caiden, giving one of the twins some love <3]

We sadly left Florida around 9am. The weather all weekend was surprisingly mild and this morning was no different. 80 degrees, windows down, sunroof open and Led Zeppelin blasting. Perfect way to start a trip. Until we hit the 50+ miles of construction in Georgia, stupid drivers and 94 degrees. Then the fun ended, and we just wanted to get home to our family's cookout. I did make some serious progress in Animal Crossing on my DS however. I forgot I even owned that game and when I turned it on today, almost everyone in my town had moved away and the entire place had been overgrown with weeds. I had cockroaches living in my house. Ridiculous. Danny and I started talking about finishing Zelda for the Wii. We bought it a while back and just never finished it...

This week I'm back on the diet (though I'm not sure how I'm supposed to do that with our refrigerator being broken at the moment) AND I'm hitting the wedding To Do list like it's my job. For real. 3 months and 4 days and a whole lot to get done.

I hope everyone had a happy 4th. I did. :-)

Sunday, July 4

Day 185

Fantastic day. Got to see my cousins, went to the beach for the second day in a row, ate delicious seafood for dinner on the balcony of Beachside Seafood, watched the fireworks from a distance.

I'm definitely not in the mood to leave and drive 9 hours tomorrow. No sir.

I'm typing this on my phone as we drive back. There are literally fireworks on every side of us. Neato. :)

Saturday, July 3

Day 184

Beach day today. We stayed for like 3 hours so I guess you could say beach half-day. We would've stayed longer but a storm was rolling in AND we had already gotten ridiculously sunburned. I used spray-on sunblock and missed a billion random spots, mostly on my legs which are currently burning like fire. WORTH IT. I seriously can't wait for 7 days in the Bahamas.

I'm so sleepy it's retarded. I think we're going to play a game of poker. I wish anyone I knew in TN played poker. I feel like I'm losing my skillz from lack of use. Har har.

It's so nice to just relax and not have anything on our agenda. And it's been so great to see everyone that I don't get to see nearly often as I would like. I'm not sure what we're doing for fireworks tomorrow but I'm just hoping to spend it with everyone and have fun :-) Then we get to drive home on Monday just in time for our family cook-out! Life is good. I feel tremendously blessed.

Friday, July 2

Day 183

No time to blog. :) YAY!

Thursday, July 1

Day 182

This is the car we'll be sitting in for 9 hours tomorrow. Haha. So worth it though! I'm stoked to see all of my best friends. First meal on the agenda? Seafood <3 There's just something about visiting your home town. You may grow up a bit, you may change, you might even love your new home/town, but you never stop loving where you grew up. I miss Jacksonville with all my heart.

Beaching on Saturday; I hope I don't turn into a complete lobster.