Monday, May 31

Day 151

Spent the entire evening outside with the whole family - what a perfect end to a perfect day. Photographing my loved ones, blowing bubbles, jumping on the trampoline, sweating to death, laughing, eating burgers and hot dogs and ending the night with the juiciest watermelon to ever touch your lips. I should know; I had three pieces.

I know I might be biased...but we really do have the best family. I couldn't ask for a better one. They are beyond amazing.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, including 3 day weekends. So goodbye for now to what's left of my vacation. See you next month. <3

Sunday, May 30

Day 150

Hello, summer.
Glad you've finally arrived. :D

I saw my first lightning bug while driving last night and admittedly got pretty excited. Lightning bugs mean summer. They mean water fights, juicy watermelon wedges, cookouts, July 4th, movies in the park. Oh how I love this season.

Tomorrow means cookout. Yum. And perhaps a drive to Murfreesboro to find this supposed sunflower field. We shall see.

Oh AND - my baby cousin Caleb gets to finally go home tomorrow after over a week long stay in the NICU. He's doing much better and I know we're all thrilled. I can't wait to properly meet the little guy. :)

Saturday, May 29

Day 149

My computer - for like the third time in a row - decided to randomly delete the photos I had taken today as soon as I popped the memory card in. Which is really kind of a bummer, because I had seriously an awesome photo from McKays. But WHATEVER. I'm trying not to be too bitter about it. So anyways, I was forced to improvise at 9:30pm. Take a guess at what the photo above is (besides taken at the last minute, ha ha).

Today was long, warm, and humid. Too much driving around. I can't wait till we live together and don't spend half our time commuting between each others' houses.

Anyways, it's been a long day. And it's supposed to rain ALL weekend. Suh-weet.

Friday, May 28

Day 148

The Grandmas met today.
Worlds are colliding. Haha.
But for reals, it was pretty awesome. And I had the most delicious salad from Panera, EVER.
Then we stopped by the Willis homestead (ha) and hungout for a while. I gave Jonah a cookie. :)
Now, watching 'The Road' with Danny and Eric. Drinking Sbux and eating chocolate cake. Good evening indeed :)

Thursday, May 27

Day 147

Mini Audi.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this 3 day weekend. I feel like time is racing by and the more I try to stop it, the faster it goes. I'd just like for one week to pass with nothing planned, nowhere to go, nothing to do. Except chill.

If you know me at know I HATE planning things. Lately the past few months have felt like nothing but one gigantic plan. Now, some of that is because of one certain thing happening in October of which I have no complaints! But the fact remains: I need a vacation like nobody's business. Ahh....July 4th, come quickly. :)

As a sidenote,
We washed/waxed our cars tonight.
I only half waxed mine.
Out of part laziness,
And part desperation to keep my arm from falling off.

Wednesday, May 26

Day 146

Happy Sweet 16, Katie!!!!

Man, I have just NOT been feeling the blogging lately. I need to do something to get the creative juices flowing again. Ha, ha.

I've been reading The Secret Garden and they seriously say the word "queer" like 80 times a chapter. It's ridic.

Oh, and I bought another wedding magazine today. I could seriously stock a Walgreens with the amount I've accumulated. Sue me. No, don't sue me. That is opposite the point that I am trying to make.

I hope someone catches that.

Tuesday, May 25

Day 145

the weather was fantastic today.

I have nothing interesting to say. or maybe I'm just too lazy. (the more likely story)


Monday, May 24

Day 144

Vroom vroom.

After starting, deleting, and re-starting 5 completely separate sentences...I've realized I don't have a lot to say today. Perhaps it's because I'm still reeling from the season finale of LOST. Fellow Losties....I just don't know what to think. Part of me was ok with it, and part of me is completely outraged.

But I guess, in the is just a TV show. Regardless of whether or not it was the most genius TV show ever to be created.

(and it was, by the way)

Sunday, May 23

Day 143

We got to see baby Jack again today. <3

I woke up this morning with allergies from hades. no bueno.

LOST tonight. I have mixed feelings.

The end.

Saturday, May 22

Day 142

Today was good. I am exhausted.
25k mile maintenance done on my car.
Lunch at The Dog with Brooke and Koola (the cutie hogging the camera).
Bicentennial Mall (which I still don't understand, it's a park for crying out loud) with Brooke & Koola to hangout with Stef while she photographed Miranda's adorable little girl Presleigh.
Sweating to death.
McKays to look for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince on audio....FAIL.
Old Navy, Ross, and JoAnn's with Olivia. I bought a swatch of fabric for $1.23.
Ordered some cute sandals from Payless, I hope they fit.
My throat hurts bad.
Chocolate-Peanut Butter layer cupcakes baking in the oven.
Picking up Danny in less than 2 hours.
Today has been great.
I'm blessed.

Friday, May 21

Day 141

Welcome to the world, Jack and Caleb Hyde!!!! Pictured above is Jack, below is Caleb. We weren't able to see the twins up close yet so the only photos I have were taken through the window. And I had a better view of Jack than I did there you have it.

Little Caleb didn't want to breathe on his own just yet (hence the oxygen tubes), so please say a prayer for him if you think about it. I'm so excited to have more baby cousins in the family whom I can photograph! I'm such a sucker for cute baby photos.

After seeing the babies, I ended the evening by meeting Brooke & Stef at Pizza Perfect. We topped that off with a triple chocolate cupcake from Whole Foods and some good conversation. I love love love those ladies. <3 Now, watching Coraline and remembering just how completely odd and absurd this movie is...

Thursday, May 20

Day 140

Blurry, but still adorable nonetheless.

Today my cousin Eric graduated from high school. Congrats, Eric. I'm so excited for you as you embark on this new journey called...well, the rest of your life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

I can't believe it's been 7 years since I graduated high school. Has it really been that long? I remember that night: the exhilaration at finally feeling like an adult, the feeling that I was about to do something different and new and exciting, the relief at finally being free of my teachers and the responsibility of homework, tests, projects (seniors, don't be fooled - this only gets worse in college).
All I wanted to do was travel. After graduating I visited Guatemala and Taiwan on separate missions trips and they were the best experiences of my life. I told myself I was going to take a road trip across the U.S. once I finished college, I even mapped it out, bought books about the best restaurants, researched the most unique places to visit. It just never happened. The real world hits you, not like a ton of bricks, but ever so subtly that one day you wake up and you can't remember how you went from sleeping in, staying up late, spending every free moment with your being committed to one place 40+ hours a week out of your life, and having to schedule said 'hangouts' days, sometimes weeks, in advance just to see your friends. I realize growing up is something we all have to do, don't get me wrong...I don't really know where I was going with this post. Ha,ha.

My point being:
-I will always be a kid at heart.
-I will always want to travel.
-I will one day work for myself, some how, some way.
-I will take my road trip across the U.S.

/end rant

Wednesday, May 19

Day 139

This is my general attitude towards today. Frustrated and stressed and overwhelmed. See those awesome shadows under my eyes? I think I need to catch up on some sleep.

Danny is going to Chicago for the weekend and I SO wish I was going with. I need a vacation before I just crumple up and die. There are a few things to look forward to this weekend though, such as Eric's graduation, the birth of Molly and Kyle's twins(!!!!), hanging out with my favorite Nashville girls, and picking up Danny from the airport. :-)

Did I mention I'm positively thrilled it's almost the weekend?

Tuesday, May 18

Day 138

Today has been a complete whirlwind. I'm so tired and my head has been pounding for 48 hours straight.

We saw Adam Hill perform tonight. Really amazing stuff, man. SERIOUS good job.

Is it possible for a person to get such a bad headache that their head implodes?! because that's how I feel at the moment...good night.

Monday, May 17

Day 137

I ate so healthy today. Except for the few bites of ice cream I had after dinner. But seriously, if I can just keep that diet up for the next 4-5 months, I'll be good. I had the best salad from Wendy's for lunch. That's right....from Wendy's. I know, I was surprised too. It consisted of grilled chicken, bleu cheese, dried cranberries, apple slices, and pomegranate vinaigrette dressing. Heavenly.

This is Danny (I rather like this picture) tonight as we were leaving the Kroger, where I bought a Lean Cuisine for dinner that wasn't quite so heavenly as lunch.

And below is the blue sky, that I was so happy to see after miserable gray ones all weekend. <3

Sunday, May 16

Day 136

Rachel and I have concluded that we're living in parallel universes. Last night (mind you there's about 9 hours separating us) we both had: date night with our significant others - at PF Changs - using gift cards - did the $39.99 deal for two - it was prom night - a group of loud and obnoxious girls sat right next to us...need I go on? It was like we were double spirit. Now if we had ordered the same menu items...I'd probably be a little creeped out.

I cleaned my room (mostly) tonight while Danny played Gran Turismo. Life of excitement right here, let me tell ya. ;)

Saturday, May 15

Day 135

So I'm not much of a "car" person, but uh, yeah. This car is kiiiiind of awesome.

Date night tonight. PF Changs, Starbucks, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Life is good.

Friday, May 14

Day 134

Dear Tennessee,
Who told you it was ok to start raining again?
Pretty sure you need to quit. Thanks. :-)

Getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to go get our new Audi!
Extremely grateful it's the weekend.
Planning on working out again, starting Monday. I hope. Please keep me accountable.
Bought a new shirt and dress today from Ol' Navy.
Most random post ever.

"Oooo, can I be Australian, mate?"
"I like ice cream. I need a boyfriend."
"Alligators - Dingo babies!"

Thursday, May 13

Day 133

Today was the kind of day where you just feel sticky. Your hair frizzes, you sweat from doing practically nothing, and no matter how much they crank up the AC, it's just not enough. So it was extra awesome when they turned the AC completely off at work today in order to do some maintenance. Good thing we didn't have to stay all day. :)

I was going to post a photo of Danny and his newly-acquired Passport, but just one of Danny will have to do. <3 Now time for the Office...and bed.

Wednesday, May 12

Day 132

I sincerely enjoy how meticulous Publix is regarding their produce organization.

Today was long, stressful, and unproductive for the most part (excluding the very productive hour that was dinner with Brooke, Olivia, and Stef: yay!). Seriously though, it was just one of those days. Later tonight as I was driving across town it also occurred to me how I opened my big mouth on the way to lunch today, about something I shouldn't have (work related) but that just slipped out without me giving it any thought. Urgh. I just haven't been able to concentrate on anything for the past 10 hours. I'm longing for the weekend just for some peace and quiet.

Oh, life. I don't want to wish your hours and seconds away, but I do sometimes all the same.

Tuesday, May 11

Day 131

Watching Lost. Brainstorming favor/decoration ideas. Sleepy. Ready for Friday. Needing a vacay. Unable to type complete sentences. I like puppies.

Monday, May 10

Day 130

Soooo, yeah. The one and only time we'll ever spend $7 on chocolate that really didn't taste that amazing; although in hindsight, had we tried the 'Mexican chile' chocolate, my opinion might be slightly different. Give me Dove chocolate any day ;)

My favorite thing to do lately is drive...mostly because I'm in the middle of the 5th Harry Potter audio book. I find myself actually driving below the speed limit (a real feat if you know me at all), just to avoid that inevitable moment when I must shut the engine off and return to the real world....where Invisibility Cloaks don't exist, snowy white owls definitely don't bring me my mail, and I cannot simply Apparate to wherever I want to be in a matter of seconds....

Sunday, May 9

Day 129

Happy Mother's Day, Mom. You're amazing and I don't know what I'd do without your constant support. I love you!
[this is not my photo of the day since it wasn't technically taken today, but I thought it should still be posted first!] :)

It's been a really good day. I feel constantly amazed and blessed by the people around me. Below is, of course, Jonah with his Popi. :)

P.S. 5 months from today. I need to start getting organized/making decisions!

Saturday, May 8

Day 128

Benefit show tonight. Danny did the sound for it and did an awesome job. I could've sworn one of the guys in the band was Richard Alpert....seriously.

I'm sleepy. My stomach hurts and I've had a pounding headache all day. Sweet. Goodnight.

Friday, May 7

Day 127

Happy 18th Birthday to my cousin, Eric. Let me just tell you, this is one amazing kid MAN (he's all grown 'n stuff now). He's someone I really look up to and just have so much respect for. Right now he's trying to raise money to do a mission with YWAM - he's hosting a benefit show tomorrow night that was originally serving to raise money for that purpose. Since the flood happened, he's changed the cause and all $$$ raised will go towards flood relief. If that's not someone with a good heart, I don't know what is. I feel honored to know him, and even more so to call him family.

I took quite a few other photos from the shindig that I will post on FB soon. Oh and, I love my haircut - I know you were all wondering! =P

*this photo is blurry - but I think it really captures his personality, which is why I picked it. a little blur never hurt nobody.

Thursday, May 6

Day 126

Once again, the day is gone and I'm left last-minute blogging in a race to beat the clock.

We volunteered with Hands On Nashville today for the afternoon. I listened to so many heartbreaking stories, hugged so many broken people. To meet people who have lost everything, some barely keeping it together, some laughing just to keep from crying - it's an unforgettable experience. It really brings a lot of things into perspective, I can tell you that much.

Rachel suggested I post a self-portrait, and though I can hardly call this a good picture, it's what I came up with at 10:30 at night =P Plus I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I'll post another photo sometime next week for your viewing pleasure.

It's bed time.
For those of you with electricity still, with running water, with a house to sleep in that's not 3 feet full of water: be thankful tonight. I know I am. And please say a prayer for Nashville.

Wednesday, May 5

Day 125

Paper Route played tonight amongst other bands. My head hurts and my ears are ringing. It was good though. I think Mercy Lounge was able to raise a lot of money to go towards flood relief, so that's awesome.

Tomorrow we're volunteering with Hands On Nashville, somewhere in Bellevue. I'm not sure what we'll be doing exactly, but I'm just glad to be helping somehow.

I'm pretty sure I'm going deaf, which confirms the whole "getting old" bit. Like how we left the show tonight at 11pm because we were tired. I know I hated it while I was in college, but now I really miss the benefits of working part time, going to afternoon classes, sleeping till 11am, staying up all night cramming for exams……..ok maybe I don't miss that.

Tuesday, May 4

Day 124

Today, we watched Lost and started a 1500 piece puzzle. It's barely 10pm and I'm yawning nonstop.

It's official. I'm turning into an old person.

Monday, May 3

Day 123

"Wei" means "Hello" in Chinese. While we were in Taiwan we met and taught English to a kid named Wei. He usually always had a smile on his face and I remember he wore those huge sneakers that were actually roller skates underneath. I miss Taiwan. :(

Obviously we went to Pei Wei again tonight. I can't get enough of that place. I'm sure it's not very helpful for my diet purposes...

In other news, the devastation that has struck Nashville (and surrounding areas like Bellevue) is just unreal. We drove around downtown tonight and I just couldn't believe how high the water has risen and how many buildings are probably ruined because of it. So many people have lost their homes, their cars, their belongings. I really want to help somehow. and I'm extremely grateful that we, and most of my friends/family were relatively unaffected by the floods. Please pray for Nashville; we need it.

Sunday, May 2

Day 122

We've been stuck inside the house all. day. long. It really feels like the day that will never end. I'm thankful that ol' TNelson decided to close its doors tomorrow. No one should have to go out and drive in this mess. And it honestly amazes me that certain "other" businesses of which I am no longer affiliated with, are choosing to remain open tomorrow (especially when 3 of the roads closest to them are flooded). Didn't the mayor urge everyone to stay off the roads? Seriously...

I think storms are one of God's (many) ways of reminding us that He's in control. It's one of the few things that humanity has, for the most part, resigned to the fact that we won't ever be able to control. The weather does what it wants to do - what God wants it to do. We're just along for the ride. :)

Saturday, May 1

Day 121

This is what I've spent the majority of my day doing, thanks to the torrential downpour we've been receiving since last night. Flash floods?!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I hope all of you are safe in your homes tonight. I will NOT be venturing outside anytime soon.