Wednesday, March 31

Day 90

Tonight we had delicious quesadillas at Brooke & Kevin's and watched New Moon. Don't hate. If you read the books you'd understand.

Pictured above is their adorable dog Koola (twice featured on the blog - he's getting popular!) totally asleep. He wore himself OUT. It was awesome.

Now we're finally going to watch Lost, and call it a night. I'm so excited for tomorrow, it's like Friday! But Thursday....Ooooooo.

Oh, and just in case you needed an excuse to go hunting in the pantry for a snack (because I know you were already thinking about it!):

Tuesday, March 30

Day 89

THIS makes me happy. Seriously. It is literally my favorite temperature. Is it weird that I have a specific favorite temperature? Probably.

I bought a new purse today. It had been about a year since I bought the last one and I'm pretty sure something had started growing in the bottom of it. I liked to call it the Black Hole. The new one is far superior. :)

Blast. I can't believe I've reduced this blog to posts about buying a new purse. What is the world coming to?

(And in case you were wondering, yes, I've been dying for an excuse to use the word "Blast" all day)

Monday, March 29

Day 88

This is my beverage of choice tonight. Except, ya know, in the liquid form.

I never used to drink coffee - and I mean ever - before I moved to Nashville. Nope, the closest I came to coffee would be the occasional iced caramel macchiato or mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks. And even then, it was only because I had stayed up all night studying for an exam (ahh, the good ol' days). But then? Then I moved to Nashville, where there's a coffee shop on every street corner and it's cool to support local "free trade" bean companies. I don't think we even had local coffee shops when I moved out of Jacksonville; but then again, I wasn't exactly looking for them either. And so I started drinking coffee. It started with just the occasional iced vanilla latte here and there, and then one day I decided to move on to "hot" coffee....and fell in love. I've since turned into one of those people that will drink coffee regardless of what kind it is or what time of the day it happens to be.

I'm a coffee addict at the ripe old age of 23.

Sunday, March 28

Day 87

Danny, creepin' behind his new best friend. Although I have to is pretty awesome. I want one of my own.

Today has been the definition of a Lazy Sunday.

I'm so looking forward to only a 4-day work week. :)

Saturday, March 27

Day 86

Here's a teaser picture for ya. I honestly had a hard time choosing one because I feel like a lot of them turned out pretty dang well (if I do say so myself). Adam was a great sport and I think I learned a lot from this photo session. I hope he likes the photos as much as I do! Adam is nearing the end of recording his new record and I think you should all listen to it when it comes out. He played a few songs today while I was taking photos and I really dig it.

The rest of today has basically consisted of editing these photos, watching House, going to Lowe's, driving around desperately looking for some Greek food, eating said Greek food, and walking to Starbucks specifically to buy some whole coffee beans. We ended up with the "Italian Roast" and I think we made the right choice.


Friday, March 26

Day 85

We found it! This church is absolutely gorgeous, extremely affordable, and the best part of all? NO lunatic rules or idiotic guidelines we have to abide by. Would you believe that some churches don't allow you to take photos of the ceremony as it takes place? I just want to know who gets married and is cool with no documentation of the event?! That's a deal breaker.

So, uh,


October 9th.

Thursday, March 25

Day 84

Today was interesting. I don't know if I'm suddenly becoming intolerant to certain foods or if I just had too much caffeine today, but I was super nauseous all day, to the point where I almost had to leave in the middle of a meeting at work (actually, we had two separate meetings, and I did leave before the last one ended). Danny scored two tickets to the Preds game tonight (on the ice!) and I was absolutely determined to not let my "illness" ruin our we went anyways. I still feel pretty sick, but I had fun, and we played well. Hockey is such a cool sport. I can't really get into it on TV just because I can't ever see where the puck is...but it's awesome in real life.

I have a photoshoot with Adam on Saturday that I'm looking forward to. I feel like I learned a lot from the last one with Kevin and I'm hoping I can only improve from this point. Let's hope the weather cooperates ;)

But for reals....I've got to get some R&R in at some point, and soon. I'm running on fumes.

Wednesday, March 24

Day 83

This came in the mail yesterday. Now I need someone to teach me how to use it.

Today was so completely frustrating and not awesome. Thus I am not going to say anything more.

The end.

Tuesday, March 23

Day 82

Tonight was "Decade Night" at The Melting Pot. Me, my cousins, and our friend Calista decided to go and it was so fun! I'm basically in a food coma from eating so much fondue. I can't even describe how delicious it was. I took lots of photos, but I need to get some sleep so I'll just put up one more below this post for your enjoyment.

The night was full of fun, laughs, good food, and accidental water spillage (sorry Katie!!). All in all, an evening well spent.

Groovy, dude.

Monday, March 22

Day 81

So, I pulled into work today and this was sitting in the parking lot. And it remained in the parking lot all day, in the very last spot (not in the visitor parking) which leads me to believe this person works at Thomas Nelson.

I don't know what job they have, but it obviously affords them a LOTUS.

I'm not much for flashy sports cars (except maybe Audi R8's....drool) but I sure wouldn't mind owning one of these, either. A bit ostentatious, I'll admit, but pretty freakin' awesome all the same.

I don't want to jinx it,
but we might've found a place.
That's all I'll say for now.


Sunday, March 21

Day 80

Courtesy of my fiance, to "brighten my dreary day." He is absolutely amazing. I feel truly blessed to be able to call him my best friend and have him be a part of my life. I'm really not sure what I did before he came along. :)


Saturday, March 20

Day 79

Danny and I were sitting at a red light today and this dog randomly shoved his enormous head out the window of the car next to us and just stared. He was so awesome and humongous that I just had to take a photo of him before they drove away. I honestly can't WAIT to get a dog.

You'll have to forgive me if this post is completely random and makes no sense. I've been awake since 4:45AM with no real nap at all in between then and now. Brooke, Olivia, and I met at the Goodwill this morning at a time that should be completely illegal to be awake on a Saturday. We had hopes of getting a sweet deal on a new wedding dress (supposedly Goodwill had been donated over 500 new wedding gowns from various shops all over Nashville). All I can say is I saw more half naked girls frantically trying on dresses in the back of the store (in lieu of waiting for a dressing room) than anyone should have to see in their entire lifetime. Not to mention most of the dresses I was lucky enough to get my hands on for two seconds looked like they were from the 80s. Not to be completely discouraged, the three of us left and ate breakfast at Burger King instead and then aimlessly drove around waiting for a store, any store, to be open (at 7:15am on Saturday). Finally we gave up and went back to Goodwill - no luck, more half naked girls. 8AM arrived; AT LAST! Target was open and we went in determined to do something wedding-related today. We looked at the pre-made invitations, gawked over the Twilight goodies (nerds), and I ended up buying two wedding magazines. Sleepily, we said good bye and parted ways at 8:30, feeling like it should have been noon already.

Later, and just as groggy, Danny and I met Brooke and Kevin at Local Taco for lunch and then ran tons of errands afterwards. Today was an awesome day for random photos, mostly taken from the car. Here they are.

Me, Olivia, and Brooke looking crazy-eyed and half asleep at 5:45 this morning:

To prove we were up early enough for the sunrise:

I don't know what kind of trees these are and quite frankly I don't care; I am ECSTATIC that something is blooming!

THIS guy hated his life. We saw him at Sonic eating his burger and looking like someone had stolen his puppy. Not to mention the creepy way he watched all the girls as they skated past him. He caught me taking a photo of him right after I got this one, but I didn't care.

Another photo I meant to upload but didn't.....a homeless guy wearing a Relient K jacket.


Friday, March 19

Day 78

Ate dinner at Carrabba's tonight and it was delicious. It's pretty much the only chain restaurant that I can call a favorite. Mmmmm.

I do not want to wake up ridiculously early tomorrow morning to go dress shopping. Good thing I have awesome friends willing to do it with me. <3

I've nothing else to say.

Thursday, March 18

Day 77

This handy (and very much needed) organizer was in a package waiting for me when I got home from work today. Thank you, Rachel. Since I can't have you here to personally be my organizer/planner, Rachel-In-A-Box is the next best thing. :)

I was struck today by how amazing my friends are. Which got me really thinking and when it comes down to it, I'm truly beyond blessed. I have a job that I love, some of the best, most worthwhile friends I've ever known, a family I wouldn't trade for the world, and a fiance who takes care of and (most importantly) loves me. I know we're only in this world for a short amount of time (in God's eyes, anyway) but I just feel so blessed that I get to live the life that I do. It's so easy to get caught up in the trivial things in this life and turn them into something that's so very far from trivial. It's easy to let something insignificant ruin our day or to focus on the negative things. I do it far too much. But today, I couldn't stop thinking about all the people I've been blessed with and the life I'm privileged to have. It's cool when you start focusing your energy on what is good in your life and what makes you happy; all that other stuff that used to be such a big deal, really isn't a big deal at all.

I know I haven't seen the last of my "bad days," after all, I'm only human! But it's nice to be able to sit back and reflect on the positive things, and the astonishing people I have the honor of knowing. What are the good things in your life?

Wednesday, March 17

Day 76

I cannot post photos of what I did today, because what I did today involved lots of white material, poofy and sometimes frilly things, and a dressing room. And a certain person reads this blog, so unfortunately, I won't be posting any of those photos. ;)

My fiance likes to solder things. It's kind of his hobby. I told him I don't mind as long as he doesn't burn down our future home. Ha! But thanks to him, I can proudly say that those bright blue and yellow things that you see are "capacitors." (I forgot what they do....shh!) My favorites are the blue ones...

Tuesday, March 16

Day 75

This is what my Tuesdays have consisted of for the past 6 weeks, and will continue to be for the next 9. I JUST CAN'T HELP IT, it's so good. I'm of the opinion that all TV should just cease to exist once Lost is over. Except for House, of course.

There's always time for Gregory House and his obnoxious yet irresistibly likable ways. :]

Monday, March 15

Day 74

When I get my own place (I guess it's more like when we get our own place) I really, really want to have a garden. I want to learn how to grow our own vegetables and fruits and then cook with said food. I want to avoid going to the grocery store as much as possible. I guess I should probably learn how to cook food first, before trying to grow it. Eh?

We've set a goal to pick a place and set a date within the next two weeks. Holy moly. Right now it's looking like either October 9th or 10th... but I'm starting to think a Sunday wedding just isn't going to work. I wish so many people didn't have to travel! :(

I want to own a German Shepherd.
That is all.
House time.

Sunday, March 14

Day 73

Just chillin, man. Drinkin' my sippy cup. What's it to ya? Don't mess with me.

Oh, if that child would just talk. I am dying to know what goes on in that head of his.

In other news:

To the Red Box:
I am hereby boycotting you from this day forward. You have disappointed me one too many times and taken too many of my dollars in exchange for terrible movies that wasted my evening. Mark my words, never again will I use you. NEVER AGAIN.

We decided to give it one more shot tonight by renting "The Box." I won't even go into how ridiculous and bizarre that film was. It was like somebody tried really, really hard to be Stephen King but just didn't quite make it and ended up instead with an hour and a half long version of the Twilight Zone. And the irony of it is that it was just creepy enough that I'll probably have nightmares tonight - despite the absurdity.

Bleh. Another Monday. One hour less of sleep. The good news? It stays lighter, later. I can smell summer in the air. (ok, I'm only a few months early...)

EDIT: Apparently The Box was actually based on a Twilight Zone episode. So if that's what the writers were going for......I still didn't like it. Haha.

Saturday, March 13

Day 72

I realize I'm breaking the cardinal rule here. You're probably asking yourself, didn't she just post a food picture yesterday?? The answer is, well, yes.

These cupcakes, admittedly overpriced ($3 each! good grief), were just too delightful not to post.
Honestly, it's absurd how good they are. I'm pretty sure I could forego a wedding cake for an overflowing tower of them (in various flavors, of course).

My Saturday consisted of: Looking at a few wedding venues, turning on the attitude a bit at Firestone (they deserved it) and subsequently getting my way, eating delicious Greek food for lunch, reading some of my book (currently When Crickets Cry by Charles Martin), and now I think we're going to watch another movie and/or House.

Overall, today has been pleasantly agreeable.

Now, to set my clock forward an hour... Boooo/hiss! One entire hour of sleep that I'll never get back. I feel like it takes me a month just to get over it. Very unfortunate indeed.

Friday, March 12

Day 71

Heaven in a basket. Thank you Adam, for introducing me to Gabby's Burgers & Fries.

Danny and I used our Groupon at Gabby's tonight and it was one of the best dinner experiences I've had in a long time. Locally owned, dead center in the ghetto of Nashville, barely big enough to host a few tables and a bar to sit at, service with a smile (and a joke or two); this place is fan-freakin-tastic. I played it safe with the regular cheeseburger. Danny got the Gabby Burger (a huge double cheeseburger). Pictured above is my food. It's seriously one of the best burgers I've ever eaten. Added to the fact that the sweet potato fries dipped in the wasabi mayo was like heaven in my mouth, and I was sold. I will absolutely be going back.

An awesome way to start the weekend, no doubt. Next up: a cinnamon dolce latte and watching Michael Clayton.

Happy Friday. :)

Thursday, March 11

Day 70

I ate these pretty much all day today. I thought these colors were appropriate for a photo. What can I say, I'm a Florida girl at heart.

Today has seriously been one of those days. Sometimes I just wish I could stop time and give myself a chance to breathe.

Is it possible that I'm still sore from Tuesday's 4 mile walk/jog? Because, well, I am. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I'm pretty sure that means I'm out of shape.

This has been the most random blog post ever.

I promise they'll start to get more insightful again.

Maybe tomorrow, if you're lucky!

Wednesday, March 10

Day 69

took this while driving. the camera didn't focus and I thought it looked kind of cool.

we had dinner and watched a movie with Josh & Lisa tonight. good times.


Tuesday, March 9

Day 68

Some days I just feel suffocated.

Today was eventful; my mom and I walked/jogged 4 miles, and then Danny cooked chicken puffs for dinner followed by the most amazing NO-BAKE chocolate oatmeal cookies. They're basically chocolate fudge with a little oatmeal and peanut butter mixed in. Mmmmm mmmmmm.

Now we're watching Lost.....I have mixed feelings about this season. All I have to say is the writers better answer all of my questions or someone will pay.

Monday, March 8

Day 67

I know it isn't much of a photo, but I felt I should document the sun as it slowly disappeared between the sea of houses and trees in our neighborhood...because it's going to rain for the next 7 days. It's like Nashville just can't stand the thought of giving us good weather, so it's going to punish us out of spite.

Today however was absolutely spectacular. Sunny and 68 degrees: my favorite kind of day. Stef and I spontaneously decided to go to Panera for lunch, and we sat outside and talked and laughed and watched as my napkins blew away in the wind...

We're currently watching Slumdog Millionaire. I can't believe I've never seen this movie. It's tough to watch, but man. I think it'll end up being one of my favorites.

Sunday, March 7

Day 66

Today was little Jonah's 1st birthday party. I personally can't believe it's been an entire year already, but I guess as I get older (ha!) time starts to fly by at a rate that I didn't think possible. Back to the photo - I love this picture. Jonah is the exact image of his parents in every way possible. You have to admit - they're a pretty good lookin' family.

Once again, it's Sunday evening and another work week is preparing to show its ugly face. The temperatures are getting warmer though, so I guess that's some consolation. I really can't wait for the days of flip flops. I think that's what I miss most about Florida, is being able to wear those year-round. Nothing says Christmas like a pair of sandals and a tank top.

Saturday, March 6

Day 65

Tonight was grand. Dinner (amongst intense LOST discussion) and a show at Ugly Mugs with some spectacular people. Kevin Masch played and rocked the hizzy. Seriously, the man plays some great music. I can't wait to see what's in store for him; I sense good things.

Here is another sentence just to make this blog seem longer than it really is.


Friday, March 5

Day 64

Who doesn't like a good donut - especially a Shipley donut? Krispy Kreme's got nothin' on these, let me tell you.

I realized today that I got my love of writing from my dad. You can read his newly-established blog here. I am especially fond of today's entry. Try not to be too terrified; he's only joking (umm..I think).

Some days I will literally just sit here and stare at the computer screen forever, trying to think of something creative or witty to say. It's just harder some days than others. I fear that I simply must be entertaining or interesting in some way, or else people will lose interest in me. But tonight my mom (who also just started blogging) was voicing the same concerns for her own blog and I immediately responded with "Well, you're not writing to please anybody else Mom, you're writing for yourself." Amazing - I should really learn to take my own advice. This blog has been a great thing for me so far. It's forced me to stick to a goal, to do one specific thing day after day and I really haven't had that kind of challenge or commitment since I finished college two years ago. I'll admit, some days I write half-heartedly, or take a photo that I think has zero potential or thought put into it. But I think the point of this thing, of blogging in general, is just to be real. The point is not to make people like you but rather to express yourself because you want to. And maybe, just maybe, someone else will be able to relate to that along the way.

Thursday, March 4

Day 63

I tried taking a picture of the stars tonight because we had clear skies for once, but this was about as good as I could do with my D90, kit lens, and tripod.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend because the weather is going to be awesome.

This morning I left the house early because I was feeling like a skinny vanilla latte. I ordered, waited patiently in the drive thru line, drove up to the window, and went to hand the guy my credit card but -GASP- he informed me that the lady in front of me had already paid for my drink! I was floored, a complete stranger bought my coffee! It was awesome and a great way to start the day. I'm absolutely going to 'pay it forward' next time I buy coffee :)

Wednesday, March 3

Day 62

This was dinner tonight, thanks to the overenthusiastic Publix guy behind the counter trying to force feed me a piece of chicken. Dude...just let me look at the menu and make a decision. Don't pressure me. He seemed super nice, but I was just not in the mood for humoring anyone so I ended up with a Lean Cuisine pizza, some bites of Danny's Philly cheese steak, and half of a Fage yogurt. Dinner of champions.

This week has been so busy and hectic and overall completely lame. I just need a few moments to catch my breath. I'm sure you've all had those kind of days.

I'm going to go watch House with my significant other and escape reality for a few hours. Highlight of my night. <3

Tuesday, March 2

Day 61

Now this is something I don't do nearly often enough anymore.

Tonight we filed taxes. Shoot me in the face.

Now we're watching Lost.

This is my life.

Monday, March 1

Day 60

This is my general attitude towards today.
My chest has been hurting since about 11am. That's probably not healthy, right? Heart attack at 23. Awesome.

We went to check out a venue for our reception tonight. We quickly decided against the place as we began the descent into industrial/ghetto Nashville, and realized the cool, modern building we were so excited about was nestled in between a Hustler Hollywood and a liquor store. Not to mention the bars across the street and the barbed wire fence surrounding the parking lot. Our excitement quickly faded away into disgust and we drove away without a second thought. Sorry, you might be pretty on the inside, but I don't want my guests to worry about being mugged. Seriously.

After fighting idiotic Nashville drivers just to eat at Local Taco (the only highlight of the evening), and fighting more traffic to get home, and then walking into a house smelling like something died (Danny's roommates are on my bad list, something you don't want to be on), I feel legitimately and 100% exhausted, and completely unaccomplished. I guess some days are just like this. Not to mention there's this tiny little 13 mile marathon I have to complete on April 24th. Oops.

Dear Tuesday,
Please be better. I promise I'll be good to you.
Love always,
Emily <3