Sunday, January 31

Day 31 - I've made it an entire month!

3rd day snowed in, and I feel like I'm in stuck in The Shining - seriously. The only productive thing I've done all weekend is read two entire books and halfway organize my bookshelf. I don't think I've ever looked forward to a Monday, but here I am, wishing it was tomorrow already just so I'd have a reason to venture out on the treacherous roads, even if it is just to go back to work.

I don't know how I used to eat chili without sour cream. If I could go back to Past Emily and inform myself all I was missing out on, I would. It's like a whole new world has opened up with all these possibilities. Is there anything sour cream wouldn't taste good on? I submit that there is not.

So long, most boring weekend of all time. I hope to never see you again.
Love [but not really],

Saturday, January 30

Day 30

Woke up this morning to a "winter wonderland," except that it wasn't that wonderful. Barely three inches, and it wasn't even the good kind of snow. No snowball fights, no snowmen, just ice and slush. Our entire neighborhood was covered and we spent some time watching unsuspecting people with rear-wheel-drive vehicles try to climb up the hill in front of the house. Not a pretty sight. I for one was not going to drive in that mess, so Danny was nice enough to pick me up. He lives on a hill also, and it was completely and totally covered in ice. I lost count of the times he tried to get up that hill and it was just NOT happening. Each time we'd make it about halfway and then the tires would spin, the car would suddenly float in the wrong direction, and I would get a little more terrified. HE says I was freaking out-- I say my fears were warranted.

After about the tenth or so try, we consulted trusty iPhone and realized there was a back way into his neighborhood. 5 minutes later, we arrived on the other side of the hill to the cheers of the group of people that had stopped to watch all ten of our failures. Our car slipped and slid all the way down and I about had a heart attack when he pulled the E-brake just in time to fly into the garage. Holy moly.

Needless to say, I'm ready for this crap to leave and never come back. I'm ready for summer - glorious, sunshine-filled, warm, flip-flop and tank top-wearing summer. I'm ready for Las Paletas, walks in the park, and longer days. I'm ready for barbeques and bonfires and watermelon. Most of all, I'm ready for the insatiable feeling summer brings with its arrival. It's kind of the adult version of the feeling you get when you're in high school and you know summer break is just around the corner. I still get that feeling, but in a much more subdued, "I still have to work M-F" kind of way.

Friday, January 29

Day 29 - Snow day!

I woke up this morning and hesitantly drove to work amidst the snow flurries. I mean, it is Tennessee, where the weathermen get overexcited when there's a 0.00001% chance of snow, so you can see where I might be a little skeptical. However, after only an hour of being at work, most people had started to leave due to the blizzard falling from the sky. Yes, I know all you Northerners may say this is nothing - but I'm from Florida! 'Nuff said.

So, I've been home for most of the day not doing a darn thing. I will tell you this, though: there's no better way to celebrate a snow day than with a hearty bowl of chili and the most delicious peanut butter cookie you've ever had. The most amazing part? Only four ingredients: Peanut butter, white sugar, brown sugar, and 1 egg. Finish it off with a frosty mug of milk and I promise you'll be one happy camper. :)

We'll supposedly have close to 8 inches on the ground tomorrow, so you can expect another snow photo!

Thursday, January 28

Day 28

Today was eventful: I weighed in and lost 3.2 pounds this week, and I finally signed up for the half marathon in April. Holy moly, I need to start training! The great state of Tennessee is trying to sabotage me with this snow and ice. How's a girl supposed to work out when it's below freezing outside?! But for real, if anyone needs a jogging partner, I'm down. I've got to get serious about this.

Tonight as I was peering out the window waiting for Danny to arrive, this adorable Border Collie-mix came wandering up the front steps. I've seen her (or him, but we'll just say her) around the neighborhood before, and she has a collar on so I know she belongs to someone, but she's constantly out on the streets. It makes me pretty annoyed at the owners; why own a dog if you can't be responsible of it? So she comes wandering up our steps and looking pointedly at the front door like she just expects me to open it. It was adorable, and I was going to pet her and maybe even give her food, but I opened the door, and she ran away...

I can't wait until the days are longer, the temperatures warmer, and I have reason to go out and do things. I need to be inspired.

Wednesday, January 27

Day 27

This monitor is the bane of my existence. I wholeheartedly believe that I'm slowly burning out my retinas by staring at it for 8 hours a day. Shouldn't CRT monitors be banned or something by now? I'm half tempted to bring my LCD monitor from home to use at work. Maybe then I won't go blind by the time I hit 40. Maybe.

I have an issue with staying organized/remembering things. So, I've developed a nice little system called "leave a mini Post-it on your monitor for anything you need to remember tomorrow." It works out quite nicely, I must say. I'd just like to point out that if I had a Mac, I'd be able to leave virtual Post-its on my screen and not clutter up my monitor the way it is now. Another reason to buy a Macbook...

Speaking of Apple, I am not impressed with their new "iPad," and I'll tell you why:

a) It's exactly what we were all expecting. Apple has lost the element of surprise innovation that we all know and love.
b) It's basically just a glorified, bigger iPhone. Minus the phone part. Oh, but you still have to pay AT&T monthly if you want internet service. Oh, and STILL no Flash.
c) How am I supposed to carry that thing around without breaking it and/or scratching the screen? It's not like I can just throw it in my purse.
d) Obviously no women had any part in marketing/naming the thing, because I for one would never have decided on iPAD. For obvious reasons. You can't tell me that's the best they could come up with.

And lastly, most importantly,

e) Am I the only one to notice Steve Jobs wears old man jeans?

Tuesday, January 26

Day 26

These poor books of mine just don't get enough action. I need to start playing piano again, no bones about it - I just need to do it. Add that to the list of things I need to do every day, and I'm pretty sure I need more than the usual 24 hours. Isn't that how it always goes? I'm also getting serious pressure from my co-workers to sign up for the Half Marathon in April so I'm going to somehow start incorporating running into my every day (let's be honest, probably every other day) life. I need more time. Could I maybe have 26, or 28 hour days? Is there some committee I can go to and petition for longer days? Seriously.

Ironically enough, I'm going to end this post for now - because 24 just came on TV...

Yeah, I know.

Monday, January 25

Day 25

I can't express to you how much I want this cold weather to go away. I took a few long shutter speed shots on my back porch tonight after it got completely dark out, and I lasted through about 5-6 photos before practically freezing to death, running inside with icicles hanging off my nose (I might be exaggerating). We're supposed to get a 'significant amount of snow' on Thursday night, what the heck man? I'm a Florida girl at heart and I always will be. I wish I could somehow have Florida weather without the humidity. None of this snow and ice nonsense!

Needless to say, the above photo is to prove what lack of view I have from the back porch. Trees, houses, power lines, and more trees. Did I mention trees?

I decided today that my perfect career would be some form of writing/photographing/web designing. I need to learn so much more about all three of those things. This blog is helping me to do that. So I thank you, all my readers, including my 11 (!!!!) followers. You are my motivation to keep going! :)

Sunday, January 24

Day 24

While in search for old and/or abandoned buildings in Nashville, we came across this old Dodge Dart and I thought it looked pretty cool. Also got some cool shots at an abandoned movie theater, but that's about it. If anyone knows of any abandoned (and preferably decaying, haha) houses/barns/etc. in the Nashville area, I would be highly interested. :)

I just recently finished listening to Don Miller's Through Painted Deserts on audio. That book seriously makes me want to quit everything, drop what I'm doing, and take a road trip across the U.S. Just get away and experience new places, meet new people, try new things. Sometimes I really have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

Saturday, January 23

Day 23

Pictured above is my beautiful cousin Katie, showing off her new glasses. Took this tonight at our monthly 'movie night' that we have just for the girls in our circle of friends and family. We typically will pick someone's house to have it at, they pick the movie, and then we have lots of snacks that pertain to the foods shown in the movie :) It's a good excuse to get together and eat, basically. And who doesn't like to eat? We watched Julie & Julia tonight, and I must say, Meryl Streep was spot on in portraying Julia Child. She's a fantastic actress, no one is denying that, but the woman seriously creeps me out. Just saying.

On another note,
I drove to Danny's today and took the back roads as usual. However, usually by the time I head over to his house it's already dark out and so I just meander my way through the curvy roads and don't think much about it - today I actually saw where I was going, and it was like taking a completely different route. There were old barns and tractors and tall trees towering over me on either side as I drove, and at several points I wanted badly to stop and take a picture but I did not for lack of time. (I know, poor excuse, right?) I can only imagine how beautiful that drive is in the fall, with the leaves changing and the sun setting just right in the distance. I crested the last hill just as the back road began to come to an end, and I was suddenly surrounded on every side by mountains, albeit far off in the distance. I felt for one second that I was no longer caught in this claustrophobic city but instead somewhere in the country, where you can actually see the stars and hear the birds and hear yourself think for that matter. It was a good feeling for about two seconds. And then, I drove down the hill and back into reality.

One day I will travel the world.

Friday, January 22

Day 22

Saying you eat sushi is like saying you belong to an elite club that only really cool people choose to be a part of. Danny and I were discussing this earlier (not the elite club bit, that's mostly in my head) but eating sushi is really kind of a social thing. Not everyone does it, many people are just too plain chicken to even try it (to those people I say, live a little! it's just fish!). So you have to find other cool club members that will join you in your dinner escapades. And it's really not just dinner, oh no, it's much more than that. Using chopsticks (please don't eat sushi with a fork, I will laugh at you.) is the best part about it. Not to mention all the fun and tasty different types of sushi you can try. I could go on, and on, and..on...but I'm slipping into a food coma.

I'll leave you with my fortune cookie from tonight:

"You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands on."


Thursday, January 21

Day 21

When I have my dream home (and yes, I WILL have my dream home), it absolutely must include a front porch & porch swing. I love experiencing big storms. It's an ominous feeling watching those dark clouds creep up, hearing the thunder crack in the distance and feeling the cold wind on your face. I think I'd really like to witness a tornado one day - in an open field, of course. Also, a fast car that would make for a quick getaway ;)

But I really like storms. I never get to fully appreciate them, you know. Most days I'm stuck at work, or in a house without a front porch. Sometimes I'd like to just go stand out in the rain and forget that I'm supposed to be an adult, and adults don't stand in the rain for no good reason.

Storms make me feel small; like for one moment my eyes are opened and I realize I'm just an insignificant human being that God decided to put here, and live this life. It's a humbling thought.

Wednesday, January 20

Day 20

"French night" with my girls tonight. French foods + French movie = good times to be had. Although I'm not sure where fondue falls into the French category, but it's delicious so I don't think any of us cared ;)

I don't know what it is about subtitled movies, I love them, but I have some serious ADD. I'm constantly forgetting to pay attention to the subtitles and usually drift off into imaginative wonderland, listening to the foreign language on the tv while some part of my subconscious wonders vaguely why I don't understand what's going on. Eventually I break out of ignorant bliss and am immediately confused as to what's happening. Ah well - "Amelie," from what I did see of it, was fantastic...quirky, amusing, and extremely literal.

Brooke, Olivia, & Stephie: You are all such amazing ladies. I'm very blessed to have friends like you three!

Tuesday, January 19

Day 19

Well here it is, the much-anticipated tube amp. Danny finished it over the weekend. I guess he was bored or something. ;)

But seriously people, I've given it an official listen - and it is positively spectacular. I now understand why tube amps are considered the "elite" way to listen to music. You hear things you would never hear listening in your car, or on your iPod or through your computer speakers. It's as though you're in the room with the band and they're playing mere feet away from you. I kind of don't ever want to listen to music on my iPod again....Sigh.

Oh, and I'd just like to point out that the above photo was taken in a completely dark room. Thank goodness for tripods and long shutter speeds. ;)

Now, onto Star Trek and quality time with someone way awesome!

Monday, January 18

Day 18

I'm slacking in the photo department - I'll get back to taking some good shots with the D90 soon, no worries. However....It's good to be home <3

Saw the Preds play again tonight thanks to Danny scoring free tickets to the game. Only a few rows up from the ice! I could've been hit by a puck or something! Brooke & Kevin came with and it was fun, but would've been better had we won. The first period was lame, 2nd period was ok, but the 3rd period was ROCKIN. I screamed myself hoarse. We almost went into overtime, but then those crazy Canadians scored at the last second. I have to be admit - they were good. No fights though. I really wanted to see some blood! Is that wrong? Ha.

Guess we should've played better, eh?

Sunday, January 17

Day 17

Can't talk. Can't blog. Can't move. Can't breathe. Just. Ate. The. Most. Amazing. Dinner. EVER. Rachel, above, agrees.

Sidenote, San Antonio has been fun. I'm happy to go home though. I miss certain people. But especially a certain person. <3

Good night!

Saturday, January 16

Day 16

Love is an amazing thing.

The two people in the above photo (complete strangers to us) got engaged today, on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. The guy's family had constructed signs that said "Tami will you marry us?" and were standing near the railing, waiting for him and his soon-to-be fiance to come around the corner on their boat ride. We figured, hey, great picture opportunity right? More and more people figured out what was going on, and suddenly a whole crowd was gathered to see this guy basically lay it all out on the table for his girlfriend. It was awesome. When they finally did come around, everyone started cheering and chanting Tami's name, and of course she said yes. The picture above is immediately after he proposed. It was an awesome thing to experience, and for a second, they didn't much feel like complete strangers anymore. We all joined with them in their happiness and even shed a tear or two. :) The family is pictured below.

P.S. San Antonio is awesome!

Friday, January 15

Day 15

The high today was 58 degrees - 58 DEGREES! Holy smokes, break out the t-shirts and flip flops, it's a heat wave! Seriously.

Lunchtime - immediately shed the coat (It's 58 degrees, who needs it!) and conjured up some menial errands to run just so I could ride with the windows down. I listened to Don Miller reading Through Painted Deserts and smiled the whole way to Target. Even when it started to get slightly chilly and my arms had goosebumps, I persevered. No way was I rolling that window up.

Thank heavens winter is only 1/4 of the year. I'm ready to welcome spring with open arms.

Surprise, you get two pictures! The sunset tonight was too lovely NOT to snap a photo...

Anyhow, I'll be packing tonight for my trip to San Antonio tomorrow with Rachel. I can assure you the photos over the next three days will be nothing short of magnificent.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 14

Day 14

I love used bookstores. There's something about the smell that hits you when you walk in the door, something about the piles and piles of books everywhere; like there's a hidden treasure down one of those narrow aisles, just waiting to be discovered. Usually I go with one thing in mind, and end up coming out with my arms full. All stuff I needed, naturally.

Tonight I went with the specific purpose of buying another Harry Potter Audiobook, to listen to on my upcoming trip this weekend.

$53 later:

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire Audiobook
Through Painted Deserts (Donald Miller) Audiobook
The 60's in Pictures photography book
John Lennon biography

SCORE. I do believe I made some good finds. I could spend hours in McKay's.

Also, I'd just like to point out that I'm 2 weeks down - 50 to go. Yes!

Wednesday, January 13

Day 13

(dinner tonight thanks to my awesome mom ^^^)

Today's picture was going to be a photo in the grocery store. I was going to be super artsy with it, you know. I was in the creative mood. Maybe I would've gotten a picture of a cute little old man picking out his whole grain cereal, or maybe the produce section would've been particularly colorful today. Maybe I would've made friends with the cashier and heard their life story, and asked to take their photo in the end, as we bagged my groceries together, feeling at peace with humankind...


THE WORLD WILL NEVER KNOW what awesome photo I would've taken tonight.

Because the only decent grocery store within a 15 mile radius (and I don't count Kroger, sorry, all you Krogerians) is.....


I really don't know what I was thinking.
I only had to pick up a few items.
But as soon as I walked through that door, I immediately wanted to turn and RUN the other way. I wanted to abolish that unforgivable decision I had made to ever set foot in such a repulsing establishment. Never again, my friends. NEVER AGAIN. Each agonizingly long second I had to spend walking around those grime-ridden floors was enough to make me ill. Each aisle I passed that was completely sold out of the item that I needed - each person I walked by that looked as though they had just escaped from prison - every inch of dirt and dust on the ground - I'm thrilled I made it out alive.

To top it all off, the cashier didn't even say "Hello," nor did he speak one word to me the entire time I stood in front of him. He carried on a conversation with the bagger as if I didn't exist.

In the words of MADtv's Bon Qui Qui,

"I will CUT you!"

Tuesday, January 12

Day 12

I get sincere enjoyment out of organizing DVDs into alphabetical order.

What's it to ya?

Monday, January 11

Day 11

This is Danny, staining the wood that's set to go on the sides of his new amp. Did I mention he builds amplifiers? I am now proud to say that I do in fact know the difference between transformers, capacitors, resistors, vacuum tubes...

Although tonight at Home Depot,
we strolled down one aisle,
I looked behind us and immediately exclaimed:

"Hey look, drills! What kind of drill did you say you wanted?"

to which he replied,

"Babe, those are nail guns...."

Sunday, January 10

Day 10

So I know it may appear that I have a thing for taking pictures of babies...and FINE I admit to it. But they're adorable and unlike adults, they could care less when you invade their space to take a bazillion photos of them. They just sit there without a care in the world and it is AWESOME.

Pictured above is John David (J.D. for short). He likes to pull at his hair constantly and in turn it now basically sticks straight up no matter what. I'm secretly hoping it turns into a permanent 'hawk soon. Who else thinks that J.D., Caiden, and Jonah should start a band? Future rockstars, HELLO!

Saturday, January 9

Day 9

Sorry, no stunning image from the D90 today. Tonight my friend Brooke scored free tickets to the Preds vs. Ducks game and invited me and Danny. It was my first hockey game which was pretty exciting. I especially liked the free tickets part. Ha!

HOWEVER, the Preds played like they had never played a single game of hockey in their life. It was slightly embarrassing. They managed to pull off 2 points in the last period, ending the game at 3 to 2 (Ducks).

My first hockey game ever and the Preds decide to goof it up. Oh well. Football will always be my sport of choice. <3

Friday, January 8

Day 8

"Hey ladies, the name's Jonah. I like to get crazy sometimes, you know, and I'm pretty messy when I eat - what's it to ya? Anyways, if you want some rockin' company or just need a great-looking best friend, I'm your man!"

I love photographing my family. I took close to 200 pictures tonight in the two hours I was at my aunt's house, and I had a really tough time choosing my photo of the day. I was flipping through and I stopped at this picture of my baby cousin Jonah, and literally laughed out loud. I can't get over the look on his face, it's like he was just about to wink and bust out with some Elvis tunes. Such a charmer! His mama is gonna have to beat back the ladies with a stick when he gets older.

Thursday, January 7

Day 7. I'm on a B&W kick, if you cant tell.

Dear Nashville,

Why must you taunt me with this barely-one-inch accumulation of nonsense? I can hardly make a snowball with which to pelt unsuspecting victims people, not to mention how am I supposed to frolic? Underneath your facade of tempting white powdery stuff is merely a layer of ice, and if it had a face I'd swear it was smirking at me.

My plans for tonight have been ruined - I hope you're proud of yourself. I'll be going to bed bitter and cold, and no, I won't forgive you in the morning!


Wednesday, January 6

Day 6

Lunch today with my grandma, aunt (both pictured), and mom at Ruby Tuesday's. Took this with my trusty point & shoot, and there was horrendous backlight creeping over the booth so I wouldn't necessarily call this my best picture ever taken (hardly). But, I love my family and feel they should be represented in this project as much as they are in my life. :)

The four of us shared a "chocolate explosion" and polished it off in less than 5 minutes. I think the waiter was impressed (if only slightly terrified). Can you see the excitement in their faces? Don't come between a woman and her chocolate, or you will PAY.

This is NOT my picture of the day, but..

I just needed to point out the dreadful and repulsive thing I'm about to subject myself to:

Tuesday, January 5

Day 5

I need to play guitar more. And my poor 12 string has been an 11 string for far too long.

I'm quickly realizing that I'm going to have to go out of my way to be creative with this project..especially on the week days. I need inspiration!

They're calling for snow on Thursday (pffft) so if that ACTUALLY happens, better believe I'll snap a picture.

Monday, January 4

Day 4

Bon App├ętit.

You know it's time to hit up the grocery store when your lunch has been reduced to a salad from Wendy's. Somehow the pre-frozen chicken & half-wilted lettuce just doesn't do it for me. If I'm going to spend $5, I should at the very least have some real chicken that's hot off the grill - GOSH. Life is hard.

Making a grocery list is definitely being added to my list of Things To Do this week (what? you don't make lists for your lists?)

Sunday, January 3

Day 3

I'm one of those people that really enjoys buying gifts for other people. I love it when I see something while window shopping that makes me think to myself, "Wow, that's perfect for so & so!" - LOVE IT. Such was the case for the package above, addressed to my very best friend Tracy. Did I fail to mention this is a late Christmas present? You see, I enjoy buying gifts for people. But I positively, absolutely, loathe shopping. Added to the fact that I'm a terrible procrastinator and that equals a Christmas present stuck in the mail four days into January - pitifully late.

So, Tracy, Merry Christmas. I'm mailing your package tomorrow and I sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. :D

Saturday, January 2

Day 2

Today was cold - the kind of cold that shoots right through to your bones. I was not born for cold weather. I was born for sunshine, and the beach, and flip flops, and t-shirts, and snow cones. None of this 28 degrees nonsense.

I managed to catch this shot of my little cousin Caiden as he was just waking up from his nap tonight. I don't think you could paint a more innocent face than that.

Tonight I am thankful for family, soothing hot tea, and having one more day left in the weekend. Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 1

Day 1

My dad and I started the New Year off by seeing the movie 'Sherlock Holmes.' Fantastic . It would've been even better if the woman who smelled like she frequents Burger King on a regular basis wouldn't have plopped herself down in the seat right next to me. By the time we left the theater I was left remembering all too well why I wait for movies to go to DVD to subsequently Netflix them.

Alas, Happy New Year. :)