Wednesday, December 29

Day 363

Awesome coasters, courtesy of my mom (and Pier 1) :)

Today has been rather ho-hum. Except I did go to the social security office at lunch (to change my name, finally) and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience! Not the dreadful misery I was expecting, you know, the typical crap you always deal with at a government office, where the most simple thing is complicated a thousand times over. But today, everyone was friendly and I was literally in and out in less than 10 minutes. Excellent.

We're making enchiladas tomorrow and Allen and Jess are coming over. I'm excited!! :D

I'm also exhausted and going to bed. Last night our lovely neighbor was blasting music at 10:30pm, so I marched over there and banged politely knocked on their door and demanded asked them to turn it down. Gah. We're always nervously adjusting the volume of our TV a billion times because we don't want it to be too loud. Apparently our neighbors don't have the same consideration. La-di-da.

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