Monday, December 27

Day 361

I'm ready for bed. Can you tell? Ha.

I know with only 5 days left, I should really be making an attempt to deliver some excellent photos for you, my readers. But I am all out of ideas, people. I need some time to recharge my creative juices.

We went grocery shopping tonight and spent less than $100, which was nice. Hopefully that'll last us a couple weeks :) We're having Allen and Jessica over on Thursday for Danny's amazing enchiladas, and we're going to learn how to play Spades! Excited.

I think 2011 is going to involve a lot of baking. I find myself perusing the internet for recipes more and more lately and wanting to try really difficult, I-have-no-business-attempting-this recipes. Like homemade marshmallows, or chocolate peanut butter torte, or how about this girl's amazing 4th of July cake? Seriously - I got a cake leveler for Christmas thanks to my awesome mom. I plan on at least attempting that last cake. If I had all the time in the world to try every career I might ever aspire to have, I think I would like to try owning a bakery/coffee shop. How fun would that be??

Ok. I'm freezing and sooooo sleepy. Until tomorrow...

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