Friday, December 24

Day 358

Merry Christmas Eve! Pictured above is Darcy the Dachshund. We spent some time over at Danny's mom's house today and I snapped a few photos of her dachshunds. :) She calls them her "little people" which I think is pretty cute.

Danny and I opened our gifts this morning as soon as we woke up, like the little kids that we are. He got me this amazing art print from Etsy which I've been envying for the longest time. He also got me a fantastic Portishead record on vinyl, which we promptly listened to as we ate homemade pancakes (courtesy of me...after burning about 6 of them, I managed to make 4 that weren't completely hideous). And then......drumroll......HE GOT ME A MACBOOK PRO!!!!!!! This is amazing of him in so many ways. I've desperately needed my own laptop (my PC has been on the fritz for months) and I'm constantly using his to blog on (as in, every night...) and my goal in 2011 is to become more "legit" and "professional" in my photography, which is kind of hard to do without a reliable computer. Not to mention, I really really really hate spending large amounts of money. It's just so hard for me to commit. So for him to just go and GET it for me, and save me the anguish of having to do it myself, was awesome. He's good to me. :) Anyways, so, first Christmas as 'The Rushtons' was a success!

Also, it's snowing outside. White Christmas anyone? ;)

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  1. Thanks Emily for the adorable pic of Darcie. And thanks for the time we shared on this now snowy X-Mas eve!!