Thursday, December 23

Day 357

Today, we were those people that you see running around frantically the day before Christmas Eve. Ridiculous. However I think I sold my 12 string Ibanez for $200 which is awesome. It makes me want to start selling all the other random stuff I have that I never use anymore. Anybody want an electric guitar, amp, or longboard? Ha.

ANYways, so the first half of the day was hectic, but we finally were able to get some Publix sushi and come home to watch Lord of the Rings. Rule my life. These movies are so good. I decided to make some homemade biscuits on a whim, because they're so easy and I was really itching to bake something.

My hand is a LOT better today. Last night was the worst. Pretty sure it kept me up till about 4am. It only felt better if I put ice on it, but then at some point it would start to hurt more from the ice, and then I'd take it off, and then it would hurt even WORSE without the ice. Wow. It was not awesome. At one point I was on the couch looking miserable and Danny woke up and came in at about 3am to check on me. I have the best husband ev'. :)

Tomorrow morning we're opening the rest of our presents to each other. And thus begin the Christmas festivities... YAY

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