Tuesday, November 30

Day 334

Some days I just forget to take a photo until 9pm. Some days it's 30 degrees outside and raining and miserable all day. Some days all I have is my point-and-shoot on me. Some day was today, so you get my mom's Christmas village.

Gahhhh. Nashville finally decided it was wintertime. Gray skies, rain, and 30 degrees in all its glory. Gross. Me. Out.

The good news is that it's almost CHRISTMAS! The bad news is that i've baaarely begun my Christmas shopping. We watched Rudolph and The Grinch at my parents tonight. That was fun. :)

Ok, bedtime.

Monday, November 29

Day 333

I was really good ALL day today with what I ate and being healthy and stuff. And then we made hamburgers tonight (on wheat buns! and 2% cheese!) and i made homemade sweet potato fries which turned out amazing, if I do say so myself. And THEN...I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. They're pretty good! Not great...just good. It's so frustrating using You find a recipe with like, 1400 ratings, 4.5 out of 5 stars and you think "This is definitely a winner." And then you start to read the reviews and they all start out with "This recipe is amazing! I made a few modifications..." and then they go on to list the 6-8 things that they changed. Sweet. Thank you for rating a recipe which you did not make and leading me to believe it was good just the way it was.

Danny and I have discussed doing a cooking blog next year. We'll see.

I'm also currently getting obsessed with the idea of film. I'd really like to get a Holga or something inexpensive to experiment with..any suggestions, my camera-savvy readers?

Anyways. I just played like 2 hours of Zelda and ended up getting extremely frustrated. WHATEV.

Is it only Monday? REALLY!?

Sunday, November 28

Day 332

I am desperately clinging to the last remaining hours of our long weekend. Monday is looming ever closer and all I want is another week (and then another...and then another) of doing what I want. I realize that's a lot to ask, but I truly just don't believe we were meant to spend such a large portion of our lives sitting in front of a desk (or: insert the thing that you do M-F here). I want to get better at photography, I want to learn how to cook, I want to bake more, I want to travel more. I want to take more classes, I want to learn a foreign language. And by the time I get off work at 5pm, get home, and eat dinner, I've got about 3 left hours in my day to make any of that happen before I have to go to sleep and do it all over again. It just seems so...backwards. I'm sure most of you can relate. And I'm sure I waste more time than I'd care to admit to you, sitting in front of this computer or that television when I could be doing those other things previously mentioned. I suppose I have no right to complain. Doesn't change how I feel. :)

Saturday, November 27

Day 331

I think we seriously played a good 4 hours of Zelda for Wii today. Maybe more. That game is addicting. Then we went to my parents' house for dinner and Christmas-tree-decorating with them and the Musgroves (and Grandma!). Fun times. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Speaking of, I really need to get going with the whole Christmas shopping and all. Seriously. that's going to creep up before I know it.

Umm. I don't have much to say. I'm pretty sad this weekend flew by as fast as it did, but ohhh was it relaxing. Definitely what I needed.

Only 34 more days of blogging. What are you going to do without me next year? :P

Friday, November 26

Day 330

Today was amazingly relaxing. Ran a few errands this morning but most of the day has just been spent watching movies, playing Zelda for Wii (YES) and just being bums. Danny cooked dinner for us and it was soooo good. Penne pasta with asparagus, roma tomatoes, basil, and various other seasonings. We also toasted some bread and then dipped it in olive oil, Carrabba-style. Now we're playing some more Zelda and I can hear the leftover sweet potato pie calling my name. Tomorrow we're going over to my parents to help my mom decorate for Christmas. I seriously love this holiday more than any other time of the year. Danny's liking the cold weather, but I just put up with it. I'm from Florida, I like 80 degree Christmas days, thank you very much! ;)

Oh, and we also bought Princess Bride from Target today for $4. I've never seen it. Yeah, I know, apparently that's a huge deal.

Maybe we'll get to see Harry Potter tomorrow. Be still, my heart. :P

Here's another photo of our dinner tonight, just 'cause:

Thursday, November 25

Day 329

Caiden's thumbs up basically describes my feelings of today. Delicious food, awesome company, hilarious conversations. Thanksgiving the way it should be. I love my family so much and always feel continually blessed when I'm around them. No one even cared that I ruined the stupid apple pie ;) and Mom's sweet potato pie was TO DIE FOR oh my word.

I'll leave you with a few more photos. It's time for bed...I'm exhausted and still fighting off a cold. Goodnight!

Wednesday, November 24

Day 328

No work for 4 days.
I have an awesome supervisor who let us leave at 2pm.
Dinner at Josh's: steaks, asparagus, and roasted red potatoes. Delish. Followed by the Preds game where I think, despite my best efforts, my cold intensified. And we didn't even win. Bummer. Not to mention sitting in the library parking garage for 30 minutes just trying to leave. It was fun hanging out though.

Now we're back, Danny is brewing me a cup of tea and I'm about to take some Nyquil. Happy Thanksgiving...yawn. Nothing will stop me from eating turkey tomorrow. NOTHING!

Tuesday, November 23

Day 327

Danny has today and tomorrow off and I've been pretty jealous of that fact, but coming home to a DELICIOUS dinner tonight pretty much made up for it. ;) He made shrimp scampi for us which turned out AMAZINGLY - definitely adding that to the recipe book. And then I made chocolate chip cookies, and I'm pretty sure I found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe known to man. Although it might have something to do with the fact that I added about twice as many chips as called for. I mean, let's be honest. The cookie is really just a means to get the chocolate to my mouth. OK?

Tomorrow will hopefully be a short-ish day at work. and then THANKSGIVING!! So excited.

We're watching About a Boy right now. And tomorrow we're going to see the Preds play. Basically, this week is panning out to be amazing.

I've been trying to think of another new year's resolution that might not be so demanding as a daily blog. Any ideas are welcome! :)

Monday, November 22

Day 326

Danny cooked some fish tonight. Yuuuuum.

I am exhausted.

Only 2 more days of work and then off for 4! YAY FOR THANKSGIVING.

Sunday, November 21

Day 325

Who says you have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get in the Christmas spirit? ;)

Although, not to outshine Thanksgiving which is just around the corner, I am pretty excited about THAT too. And I'm making an apple pie. Heck yes. Also, we only have to work three days this week. Faaaantastic.

We're watching Oceans 11 right now and I really enjoy trying to guess everyone's poker hands. I'm kind of awesome at that.


Saturday, November 20

Day 324


Photoshoot with Brandi, Ryan, and Jaden - it went very well and I'm extremely pleased with all of the images! I really need to get a website together and start doing this more often.

Washer and dryer delivered. We have exactly 2 feet of space in between each of them (they're facing each other) but the point is, we have a washer and dryer finally!!

We ate out twice today. I'm kicking myself for it, both for consuming the ridiculous amount of calories, and spending too much money. :( But the food was pretty awesome. Pizza Perfect for lunch and Taco Mamacita's with my parents for dinner.

Fiiiiiiiinally got around to watching Joyeux Noel today and it was SO good. I can't believe we've had that from Netflix for like 3 months. Seriously. I have paid almost $30 to rent one movie. That makes me sad.

Eric is here now and it's awesome hanging out with him!!! I've missed him so much. We've been sitting here discussing music and watching weird and also good music videos. Like from the Jonsi show. Maaan I wish I had gone.

This blog has been completely random.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving. And buying a Christmas tree! yaaaay. okbye

Friday, November 19

Day 323

Goodbye, fall. :(

Thursday, November 18

Day 322

Brooke and Kevin came over tonight! Local Taco + Sweet CeCe's = YUM and fun times. Then Kevin and I ran through a couple of songs for his upcoming album he's in the process of recording. I feel privileged that I get to play some piano on it! I think it's going to be awesome.

But seriously, so thankful that it's almost the weekend.

We get a washer and dryer on Saturday - YES! I never thought I would be excited about something like that... I guess that means I'm old and boring now.

Wednesday, November 17

Day 321

HOLY to the MOLY. My husband knows how to COOK. Cheese & spinach enchiladas that tasted like they were from a gourmet restaurant, I kid you not. That along with Patti's taco dip and we were SET. Nom nom nom

We played poker tonight with Patti and she definitely won the entire night. It was kind of awesome. Haha.

Now I'm eating a piece of our wedding cake (we took it out of the freezer two days ago - how long will it last in the fridge!?). We get a free cake from the same bakery on our one year anniversary soooo yeah. Definitely not waiting a year to eat that deliciousness.

I'm STILL feeling pretty artsy/crafty, two days later. I really should take advantage of that urge before it inevitably disappears. Although i really don't have a creative bone in my body, so I dunno hmmm.

ehhhhhhhhhhhh I REALLY want Christopher O'Riley's Radiohead book. OMG WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE $78 YOU JERK. Submit to the real world with the rest of us lowly folk and please sell it on Amazon or something, for the love of all classical music that needs to be heard. SERIOUSLY

Tuesday, November 16

Day 320

Some day I will go to Vegas and play in the world poker championship. I kid you not.

Also, I found a new obsession today thanks to Katie.

Monday, November 15

Day 319

I made vegetable beef soup tonight for the first time. And I only had one can of tomatoes but I had an extra can of Rotel "Hot" tomatoes with habanero peppers. I figured, no big deal, right? And threw it in the pot. Let's just say that was the spiciest vegetable soup I've ever had. Oops. :) It would've been pretty tasty, otherwise.

I've really enjoyed this prolonged fall weather we've been experiencing. There are still some orange and red leaves that haven't fallen from the trees yet! The temperatures are (for the most part) still hitting the 60's. It's just fantastic and I have no complaints. The weather today was a bit chillier, but it put me in a very crafty/artsy mood. I'm really feeling the itch to create something unique and awesome. I'm also getting really interested in typography. I want to re-watch the documentary on Helvetica. :) I also found like 5 handmade art prints that I want to buy to decorate our apartment. Christmas present perhaps?

Sunday, November 14

Day 318

Lazy Sunday. My favorite. Church, lunch with my family at Cracker Barrel (and we've smelled like a giant pot of mashed potatoes and fried chicken ever since), football, laundry, home, The Office. <3

Danny thinks he's getting sick. Sad. :(

I wrote like 10 Thank You cards this weekend. So there's that.


Saturday, November 13

Day 317

We bought our first Christmas ornaments today from World Market. :) That place is amazing. I could spend SO much money in there. oh, we did end up buying a desk. Haaaaa.

Girls movie night at the Musgroves after that. The food was amazing and so was the company as usual. Aunt Amber warned me that I wasn't allowed to say anything negative about the movie so I guess I'll just let you guess what my opinion of it was. :P

Now I'm going to watch ANOTHER movie with my husband.
I'm sleepy and I am about to kill the neighbors. Just wait.

Friday, November 12

Day 316

Danny took me out on a date tonight and we finally got to eat at a hibachi grill! I haven't been to one in forever. It was really awesome except for the girl who sat at our table that reminded us of the not-awesome version of Phoebe from friends. Whatevs. The food was amazing and our chef did some pretty cool tricks. ;)

So insanely grateful for the weekend. Excited to see some family tomorrow night. Really going to try to write some Thank You cards this weekend. I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Now we're back with a movie to watch and a treat from Publix. Date night = success!

Thursday, November 11

Wednesday, November 10

Day 314

Typical night.

Tuesday, November 9

Day 313

So a while back, we bought this really old hardcover book of sheet music from McKay's under the pretense of "we'll find a use for this later." Well, later has arrived and Danny has thought of a really cool craft to make with it. Feel free to ask him to explain it to you, but it's all way over my head. All I know is that it will somehow represent the key of C# Minor (one of my most favorite keys). Whatevs. :) Another thing we're going to do with it is make a REALLY awesome "wreath" of sorts. See photo below:

Cool huh?


I'm coming up with a bucket list. It includes swimming with dolphins and taking a Mediterranean cruise. Ha.

Monday, November 8

Day 312

It officially gets dark at 5pm now. This was on my drive home from work. LAME.

Danny just got home like 10 minutes ago. So I'm gonna go spend some time with him watching The Office SEASON 2! It's my fave.


Sunday, November 7

Day 311

Our two awesome Radiohead posters with no frames to hang them in. :(

THIS DAY is seriously the longest day ever. It is blowing my mind that it's only 7:15 right now. It got dark like 3 hours ago, what the heck!?

We played poker with my parents again today. :D that was fun.

Saturday, November 6

Day 310

These little cuties are the perfect choice for a Dutch apple pie. I'd never made one before, but it was surprisingly easy and TASTY when paired with "homemade" vanilla ice cream. Ok, store-bought. But it was still "homemade" flavor if that counts for anything.

I made pie, and Danny made a delicious dinner (pork tenderloin, green beans, and corn bread muffins) and my parents came over for dinner! Then we played like 20 rounds of poker and it was so much fun. I NEED TO GO TO VEGAS if only for that reason. Man.

It's so weird that we gain an hour of sleep tonight. I'd give up that hour gladly though, if it meant it wouldn't get dark at 4pm all winter. Why do we even have daylight savings? Just leave the time alone. Someone way back in history must have thought this up as a joke and now they're laughing at us for continuing to do it year after year.

Friday, November 5

Day 309

Tonight was a blast! Dinner at the Willis' house which consisted of YUMMY taco salads and then chocolate chip cookies. It was so great getting to hangout with everyone for a little bit! We ended up playing a few games of poker which RULED MY WORLD omg. Allen P. has been holding out on me, I had no idea he played poker. Now I'm itching to start having a game night every week. I miss playing Texas Hold 'Em :) Oh the days of playing every week with Tracy. Sigh.

It is freezing in this apartment as it is outside. I did check the weather, however, and it looks like it'll be in the 60s and sunny for the next few days. Probably the last good weather until winter rears its ugly head. MAN i hate winters in TN. But you all know that, and are probably sick of hearing about it ;)

I can't stop yawning. My jaw hurts from it.


Thursday, November 4

Day 308

-As we're driving away from Fido at 9:30-
me: "oh nooooo I haven't taken a photo today! UGGGHHHHH!!!!"

and that's how the photo above happened. seriously, this blog has drained me of my creative juices. Or (more likely) it's getting cold and I'm in no mood to go outside and take good photos. Good thing we're almost at the end of the year END OF THE BLOGGING! Well, for this blog anyway.

Speaking of end of the year, have I mentioned how excited I am to get a mini-Christmas tree and decorate our tiny home? Ok FINE I know I have but I just can't help myself. Wow. Who AM I?


Wednesday, November 3

Day 307

Brooke and Kevin came over tonight! I made them chili and it turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. It's one of the 3 things I can make.. ha. Brooke brought over homemade corn bread and it was delish! We ended the night with Sweet CeCe's..which was yummy but pretty cold since we had to eat it outside. Ha! We're die-hard fans, ooooobviously. It was an enjoyable evening and I'm glad we got to show off our apartment. :)

I'm seriously exhausted and it's barely 10pm. AND I just drank a cup of coffee. I have been getting up a lot earlier though, so, yeah. Whatevs.

I'm pretty happy the weekend is almost here. Time is flying..we'll have been married for one month this Saturday! CRAZYTOWN

Tuesday, November 2

Day 306

My mom's coworker gave her some green tomatoes today. Wonder how we should use these? Or maybe we'll just fry them up. Mmmmmm.

I'm thrilled that it's November and the temperatures are still reaching mid-60's. Perhaps we'll have a mild winter yet. I hope I didn't just jinx us :|

We're having Brooke & Kevin over tomorrow and I'm making chili. It's one of the few things I know how to make. I wish we had more places to sit in our livingroom...guess we should probably buy a bigger couch. Ha. Anyways, I'm excited for them to come over and see the place and hangout and such!

This blog has become soooo boring. Apologies. At least you only have a couple more months to put up with me. 59 days to be exact!

Monday, November 1

Day 305

While on vacation, my mom bought us this really cool piece of art and it is now hanging on the wall next to our kitchen sink :) I LOVE it and now I'm really wanting to decorate the entire apartment with random and unique artwork. Ahhhh must control the urge to spend money. I was perusing Urban Outfitters and found this cool photo printed on canvas of a turntable with a white record on it. Danny and I are going to try to recreate it. Especially now that we just bought the Deer Hunter record on vinyl and it's a WHITE record. win win win.

We ate leftovers for dinner tonight. How many days after the fact is too long to eat leftover (fried) fish? I guess I'll know in about 30 minutes if my head is in the toilet.

I can't believe it's only Monday ohmygosh.

I like being married. It's nice to come home and STAY there and get to hangout with your best friend without the long drive home at night.
Although I think we've officially turned into hermits...
I'm not complaining :)

P.S. HAPPY NOVEMBER! Let the Christmas shopping officially begin! I can't wait to decorate our apartment :D