Thursday, September 30

Day 273

Cranberry Limeade for the win. Had to get one before the temperatures drop for good :) It's kind of my summer beverage of choice, yo.

My co-workers had an awesome surprise shower for Danny and I today! It was so much fun. I work with a really great group of people; I feel so blessed to have the job that I have. We now have a bunch more cool stuff to put away in our apartment. I can't wait to move in there and get settled. :-)

Marked a few more things off the list today. Not enough though. This weekend is CRUNCH TIME!!!!

Wednesday, September 29

Day 272

I'm not sure why I always turn the photos of us to black and white. They just look better! Whatev. These are the best ladies in Nashville. They really are. I love love LOVE chatting and just hanging out with them. Tonight we ate delicious tacos (my choice, duh!), had hilarious and thought-provoking conversation, and I opened a box of goodies. Oh my. That's all I'll say about that. I do love my friends. Haha.

I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday omg i need to get stuff DONE

Tuesday, September 28

Day 271

I don't know what it is about fall, but it seriously makes the sky look amazing. Like a painted canvas. It makes me wish I had a convertible, but then I'd probably cause accidents because I'd be too busy staring up at it instead of paying attention to where I was driving ;)

We got our marriage license today!! Virtually painless except for having to drive downtown/fight traffic/etc. We had to sign our names in this HUGE book, I didn't even know they made books that big.

Had a DELICIOUS dinner at Aunt Amber's and Uncle Allen's. Skyped with Allen & Jessica & Jonah; that was hilarious.

So. Yeah. My To Do list is still ridiculously long. We'll see though. Maybe we can knock it all out this weekend! (Think positive).....

Monday, September 27

Day 270

Tonight we went to see the Preds play with Molly and Kyle! I enjoy hanging out with them! Danny sometimes has access to tickets right on the ice, which is awesome. Sadly, no fights broke out but we still had some unruly fans sitting behind us. Best quote of the night "QUIT TRYING TO GET FANCY!!!" Haaaaa. At least we won, 2-1 :-)

Anyways, I'm sleepy and I need to leave so that Danny can get some sleep too.
12 days! well more like 11 now. Ha!

Sunday, September 26

Day 269

I realize it's been officially Fall for a few days, but today was the first day it felt like Fall. So in honor of the gorgeous weather, I made a pumpkin roll with cream cheese icing. SO GOOD. Tracy and I made this one time when we were roomies and it was amazing. Definitely a fall-appropriate treat.

We got a few wedding-related things out of the way today. Still have a list that's too hefty in my opinion...GOT to get that done.

Tomorrow = Preds game with Kyle and Molly. Excited!!

Saturday, September 25

Day 268

Is it just me, or does Jack look like a fully grown, slightly chubby man, just chillin' and enjoying a good football game? Am I right??

Today was really good. Went shopping and scored two Old Navy sundresses for about $5 each. Tried to find matching ribbon for the wedding cake, but no luck. Then we went to our shower hosted at Molly & Kyle's. It was so much fun! Molly and Aunt Amber really did an awesome job with everything. They even had sunflower cupcakes!! And chips and salsa - one of my faves ;) I have an awesome family and church family. :-)

We got a lot of really cool gifts and I'm so excited to use all of them!! Somehow we ended up with 3 toasters, hahahaha. I've always heard of that happening but I never thought it really DID until today. =P We like to eat a lot of toast, OK?

Danny and I are now scheming about what sort of kitchen cart and pots & pans rack to buy. YAY APARTMENT

Friday, September 24

Day 267

My best friend.

Also, I forgot to take a photo earlier today (big surprise there) so this is all you get. 2 weeks!

My grandma has been in the hospital since early this morning (1am). We'd really appreciate your prayers as the doctors are proving difficult to get in touch with and/or squeeze answers out of (no way! really?). I just want her to get better and go home.

Our church is kindly hosting a wedding shower for us tomorrow at Molly's house. I'm so excited to hang out with everyone! Should be a good time. :)

Tonight has consisted of Local Taco (after driving around forever to find parking), going to Adam's CD release show at Belmont which was really awesome (great job Adam!), Sweet CeCe's fro-yo, Target to add more items to our registry because apparently we didn't have enough according to Aunt Amber (little late now since our shower is TOMORROW) aaaand now home. Listening to Sufjan Stevens, sipping an iced soy chai latte, and typing to you guys.

Seriously though, i'm really considering taking a week-long hiatus for our honeymoon. I'll still take a photo every day - I just might not update the blog daily and do it all in one big post when we come back. So take some time and get used to that idea...I'm mostly talking to my multiple family members who call me up on the phone when I've waited too late to blog to complain that they're tired and want to go to bed but simply can't because I haven't posted yet. Hahaha. I love my family.

Thursday, September 23

Day 266

Ok. I know the power lines are really trying their hardest to screw up this photo. But seriously, just do your best to ignore them. :-)

My To-Do list is slowly going down. YAY!

Watching the Office now...not totally impressed either. MEH.

Wednesday, September 22

Day 265

Happy First Day of Fall! This is my absolute favorite season of the year. I only wish it lasted longer.

Danny and I have been discussing how I'll handle the whole blogging thing while we're in the Bahamas. Obviously I'm not going to abandon my project since I've already made it this far, but it's my honeymoon for cryin' out loud. Would anyone consider it downright treachery if I simply promised to take a photo every single day (and I mean, it's the Bahamas, are you kidding me?) and blogged one huge post when I came home? Because that's what I'm considering.

Speaking of blogging - I have exactly 100 days left. That, my friends, is crazy cakes.

Tuesday, September 21

Day 264

So I know this photo doesn't do it any justice, but the sunset tonight was pretty freakin' amazing. All I had on me was my point & shoot though, so it is what it is. Just know that it was awesome and you missed out. Unless you were standing on the 4th floor of the Green Hills mall parking garage, like the lady next to me was, trying to take a photo of it with her cell phone. I think I got the better shot. =P

We had Pei Wei tonight (really trying to make our gift cards last, haaaa) and then saw 'Devil.' I already don't like elevators, and this movie did not help matters.

There's a dog barking yipping its head off a few doors down and I'm about to strangle it. The guy above us thinks it's necessary to STOMP up the stairs every night around 8pm.

I was not made for apartment living. Haha. But i love our place all the same <3 I'm already looking forward to decorating for Christmas!! We're getting a Charlie Brown tree :D

Monday, September 20

Day 263

I think my allergies are slowly killing me.

That is all.

Sunday, September 19

Day 262

Grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch. Local Taco for dinner. Basically, a great way to kill my diet. Haaaaa. But it was SO GOOD.

108 people have either RSVP'd or we KNOW they're coming. Holy moly.

Saturday, September 18

Day 261

So thanks to my amazing Uncle Allen and cousin Ethan, we got my piano moved today (along with a few other things like a ginormous bookcase). We thought we were going to need a lot more help with the piano but it ended up not being so bad! I'm excited to start playing piano again's going to be my winter project. Along with buying one of Christopher O'Riley's Radiohead sheet music books and learning every ridiculously difficult song. Someone help me.

Seriously exhausted. Haven't done one single wedding related thing today. Oops.

Friday, September 17

Day 260

Confession: I don't know what it is about Nashville, but ever since I moved here I've become a complete slave to tacos. Wrap it in a tortilla, and I'll eat it. No joke. Lately my two favorite places to get these tasty treats are 1) Local Taco and 2) Taco Mamacita's. Local Taco is usually my first choice because they're more convenient and, more importantly, cheaper. However what they have in amazing food, they lack in we ended up at Taco Mamacita's tonight and let me just tell you, my mouth is still on fire. Caribbean Jerk + Baja Fish = so flippin' good, but so spicy! Eating spicy foods is really a personal battle for me. I feel like if I just force myself to endure the pain enough times, I'll become immune and be able to eat spicier and spicier foods. Right? Right.

So that was dinner. I got a haircut before that (yay!). Then we got coffee which I ended up spilling on myself in the car. Oh, and a bird pooped on my purse. Yes, you read that correctly. Is it possible for someone to get pooped on by a bird twice in their LIFETIME?! Because I am that person, and yes it has happened twice. I am not amused.

Thursday, September 16

Day 259

Tonight was spent with my lovely ladies, making wedding favors and tying ribbon around bubbles. We ALMOST finished but we just got tired of doing it, haha. It was fun. I would've died if I had to make all of those myself. but it was just nice to hangout with everybody :) I think they're all planning some sort of crazy and totally embarrassing pre-wedding thing for me, I'm slightly terrified. omg. haha.

In other news, I'm exhausted. For some reason my internal clock thinks it's fun to wake up at 5am FOR NO REASON for the past 3 mornings in a row, in a crazy sneeze attack followed by being wide awake until my alarm clock goes off 2 hours later. Gaaaahhhh I just need some SLEEP. I think I'm allergic to my sheets. For reals.

Nighty night.

Wednesday, September 15

Day 258

Our (messy) but awesome livingroom! That glowing orb in the corner is our cool tubular light we bought from target, you just can't see it. And the nook where it's currently at will be where the piano goes (which we're hopefully moving this weekend - eek!). Excited. We're pretty in love with the white/cream shag rug. :P Nerd alert.

Tomorrow is the favor-making party with my friends!! I can't wait! Seriously, so excited.

Nothing else to report really. Except that we ate free Pei Wei tonight. Hooray for gift cards.... :)

Tuesday, September 14

Monday, September 13

Day 256

I seriously think I've yawned 100 times today. my jaw kinda hurts.

Oh yeah, and the big news iisssss: *drum roll* I got a promotion at work! :) :) :) :) Super excited about this opportunity. YAY

Sunday, September 12

Day 255

We bought this lamp today. I love it!! Except we're basically at war with the lightbulbs because we ended up buying the wrong kind, TWICE...and didn't realize till we had already opened the package. Lame. Anybody need some lightbulbs? ...

Today was nice. The weather was absolutely amazing. I love the area our apartment is in. And we totally use Sweet CeCe's as an excuse for people to come visit us, haha. We're ok with bribery. We had fro-yo with my parents and grandma earlier and it was nice. I enjoy spending time with them.

It's a new day tomorrow. I have some cool news but I'm withholding it for now until it's official. :)

Time for some LOST. (yes, we are re-watching it for the third time. HAAAaaaaa


Saturday, September 11

Day 254

Beautiful, awesome weather tonight. This photo was taking through the car's (dirty) windshield. Still pretty neat I think.

We spent ninety-nine percent of our day moving stuff to the new apartment. FUN. We bought an ivory shag rug for the livingroom and it's fantastic. Later on we met Aunt Amber, Uncle Allen, Eric, and Jonah in the park and then had Sweet CeCe's. Seriously, it'll never get old. Anybody wanna come hang with us in our new digs? We're like 5 minutes away from fro-yo. You know you can't resist.

I can't tell you how much I love our little apartment. Even with its lack of kitchen cabinet and drawer space. Haha. We're going to buy a 'kitchen cart' to fix that.

I have to get back in the mode of wedding planning. Less than 4 weeks left and still so much to dooooo! We're having a favor-making party at Brooke's house this Thursday and I am beyond excited. Oh and the ties for the groomsmen came today and they're amazing. They are the perfect color. Even more perfect, we bought them for $7/each from some guy in Hong Kong. HA! I'm serious.

Friday, September 10

Day 253

These, my friends, are the keys to our new home for the next 13 months. I am beyond excited and completely jealous that Danny gets to himself for an entire month. NOT fair. =P

I would write more but we still need to go move a couch among other things. It's small and it's got 2 tiny excuses for kitchen drawers, but it's lovely and it's our soon-to-be home :)

Thursday, September 9

Day 252

We signed our lease today.
Get our keys tomorrow.
I just made Danny rice pudding (his request...gross, but I love him!) and burnt the oven top in the process.
Watching the original Willy Wonka (aka the best one)
Really excited about life.
And slightly stressed out. But that's to be expected for the next...oh I dunno, 30 DAYS.


Wednesday, September 8

Day 251

Literally the first thing I thought to photograph tonight. at 11pm. I should REALLY make some banana bread with these instead of just throwing them out...

We met with Aunt Amber tonight and it was awesome! I feel like we've still got a lot of stuff left to do, but it'll be a sort of controlled chaos.... ha.

I'm exhausted. Good night.

Tuesday, September 7

Day 250

Day 250. WOW. I can't believe I haven't missed a day....or just made it this far in general. Crazy.

I don't have a lot to say tonight. It's almost 11pm and I should be in bed. I took my dress to get it fitted for alterations (I've apparently lost a few inches, crazy!) and Danny made us chicken puffs for dinner. Ethan came by to try on his wedding pants and TOMs and we watched an Office marathon and chatted about "interesting" roommates (haaaa).

This week is jam-packed already. Tomorrow we meet with Aunt Amber (finally!), Thursday sign the lease to our apartment, Friday pick up the keys and start moving Danny's stuff in! So. Stinkin. Excited. We're going to be so close to Sweet CeCe's omg i can taste it now.

How's about having our rehearsal dinner at Local Taco? yes. yes. yes.

Monday, September 6

Day 249

Today was possibly the laziest day I've had all year. I'm slightly ashamed. I did nothing, nothing at all. We sat on the couch for 5-6 hours watching the BBC versions of Chronicles of Narnia and I made it more than halfway through the book I'm currently reading. Then we finally made our way over to the Musgroves for a cookout/etc. I don't really feel like I had a weekend at all, since it's taken me a good two days to recover from that wedding. Crazy town.

We finally get to focus on OUR wedding for the next 4 weeks. It's about dang time. You people better not be sick of weddings just yet. Just wait until Oct 9th. Please :)

Sunday, September 5

Day 248

So, I'm hoping this doesn't mean that 40 years from now we're going to be that old couple that looks like each other. Haaaaa (my NEW glasses are on the right, I like 'em a lot)

I've been in complete zombie-mode all day. I've taken at least 3 naps and at some point woke up and made waffles. huh?

Saturday, September 4

Day 247

Totally exhausted. Congrats Rachel & Nathan!!

Friday, September 3

Day 246

I literally have nothing to say.


Thursday, September 2

Day 245

Life is a complete whirlwind at the moment. I can't believe it's already September.

Caiden gave everyone kisses tonight when he left. It was adorable.

We're going to go see Paper Route play now.

Wednesday, September 1

Day 244

5 weeks and 2 days. I'm ready.

On another note, does anyone know a good place to find skinny ties? They're surprisingly a lot harder to find than I would've guessed...

We're watching a Top Chef marathon. This is seriously the first time we've watched TV in months. Possibly all year. Excluding LOST of course, but that's a whole other level of awesomeness that I don't really group in with "regular" TV. haaa...