Tuesday, August 31

Day 243

My bridesmaids have gotten their dresses! I'm so excited! Is it weird that I'm mostly looking forward to getting the flowers figured out? I have this awesome vision in my head and I'm really hoping it's just as awesome in real life. Haaa.

ok bye!

Monday, August 30

Day 242

Thanks to a sweet sale, and my $160 in gift cards.... we bought this tonight. woo!

Sunday, August 29

Day 241

Today was perhaps the most beautiful wedding ceremony I've ever had the privilege of attending. The immense amount of love and joy that filled that lodge was almost overwhelming. There honestly wasn't a dry eye in the place (and I don't usually cry at weddings). Maybe it was due to the fact that Kelli's dad was the officiant, or that their handwritten vows were so heartfelt and beautiful, but I believe it was simply because we all felt extremely privileged to be able to witness this amazing thing called love between these two amazing people. I am SO happy for Kelli & Josh and so excited for this life they're about to embark on together. Congrats you guys :)

Saturday, August 28

Day 240

Lazy day, hectic evening. Napped like 3 times earlier today, did practically nothing productive except return the envelopes we bought at OfficeMax that we didn't end up using..and played Animal Crossing. And THEN went to Josh & Kelli's wedding rehearsal. Seriously, those two are just so ready to be married, you can just tell. Haha. I'm so excited to go to their wedding tomorrow. :)

Now we're sitting on the couch chatting with my Uncle Larry & Aunt Wanda (and my parents, Uncle Allen, and Grandma) watching YouTube videos and talking about our Bahamas vacation :) So excited!

Ok I'm exhausted. Goodnight!

Friday, August 27

Day 239

Danny's working on an awesome tube amp design for our future livingroom. We'll have the best sound system EVER.

I got to do a little window shopping with Brooke and Stef tonight :) It was really good seeing both of them! I need to have girl time more often......for reals.

Sleeping in tomorrow.

Josh & Kelli's wedding rehearsal is tomorrow OH MY GOSH and then their wedding on Sunday! SO EXCITED FOR THEM and slightly jealous that they're getting hitched before we are ;)

Thursday, August 26

Day 238

I did a bridal shoot with Rachel tonight, but I can't post any of those because she was in her dress :) You'll have to wait until after their wedding for that. We tried Union Station hotel but got kicked out because apparently that's the kind of thing you have to schedule with them. PFFFFT. Snobs. So we took a few around Broadway/downtown Nashville. I think I got a few good ones :)

This week has just been taxing. It doesn't help that I got zero sleep last night and kept having terrible wedding dreams when I would sleep, where everything would go completely wrong on our wedding day. FANTASTIC.

This weekend doesn't look like it'll provide much relief, either. Sigh.

We ate lunch at Germantown Cafe today and I had the most delicious butternut squash bisque and tomato/basil/mozzarella salad. I can't wait to get our own place where I can buy my own, healthy, delicious groceries and eat way better than I do now. I had Bar-B-Cutie last night and I'm still paying for it today. Bleeeeehhhhhh.

Ok, Danny is completely asleep on the couch. I should probably go wake him up so he can drive home =P

Wednesday, August 25

Day 237

Hooray for DIY wedding stuff. I think I finally figured out what to do for favors. I need to get together with the ladies and doooooo it. I guess I should probably order the stuff first. Haaaaa.

I'm having a "blah" kind of day. Totally exhausted. Totally disinterested and bored.

I really love my job. I don't think many people can say that these days. But I do. I work with some awesome people. I can't believe I've been there for almost a year already...time has been flying.

Ok, we're going to go watch "Pi".. yes, as in 3.14.

Tuesday, August 24

Day 236

So the weather today was just downright awesome. I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALL. The sky looked pretty awesome, too, but I decided to make it look creepy :P

LOST season 6, with your additional mini-episode/epilogue that supposedly answers so many questions.....I'M GOING TO WATCH YOU IN A MINUTE.

ok bye

Monday, August 23

Day 235

My mom makes the best bran muffins you have ever tasted. She usually makes them with raisin bran (I hate raisins) and this time she bought regular ol' bran cereal (HA) to make a non-raisin batch. She's basically the best mom, ever. And adorable, too!

We're watching Flame & Citron (Flammen and Citronen) via Netflix for Wii. I love foreign films, except when I'm watching one and sleepy I'll tend to close my eyes and forget that I can't understand what's going on due to not being able to read the subtitles...ha. But so far this movie is pretty good :) I really want to watch The Lives of Others, and Goodbye Lenin! again SO GOOD.

We got our first e-mail RSVP today YES! So awesome! We've got a total of like 25 people RSVP'd already, which is fantastic. I'm so excited. :D

I just realized that I've missed like half of the movie because I'm blogging instead of reading subtitles. DANG IT

Sunday, August 22

Day 234

Today was wonderfully relaxing. The photo shoot with Rachel and Nathan went pretty well; they were good sports regardless of my lack of experience. haha. I just have a hard time telling people how to pose. I guess that's something you get with practice, though. I'm definitely excited about the photos we got!

Can't believe it's about to be another week. Josh and Kelli get married in less than 7 days, oh my. I know they're so excited. :D

Tons of people got our invitations in the mail yesterday. That really makes me happy. I know we still have a lot to do, but getting invitations done was such a huuuuuuge weight lifted off our shoulders. for real.

We just showed Uncle Allen the glory that is the Huntsville Bed Intruder video. And subsequently the remix. HA.

Saturday, August 21

Day 233

Today was eventful yet completely enjoyable.

+Photo shoot with Danny's co-worker, Brandi, and her adorable son Jaden (pictured above). He was such a great sport and I really enjoyed taking pictures of him and his family :)
+Paid for our wedding bands
+Got 10 more invitations printed because we didn't print enough the first time....HA
+TACOS at Local Taco...mmmmm I sense us eating there quite a bit when we live right down the road. Seriously, Local BBQ and Fish taco is where it's at.
+Las Paletas
+Home to relax
+Star Wars: A New Hope
+Braved the torrential downpour for some leftover wedding cake ;)
+Papa John's pizza
+Hangout with Kevin, Brooke, Koola, and Khloe :)

Friday, August 20

Day 232

Congrats Bethany and Shadrick! The lighting in the reception hall was a bit too dim for the ol' D90, and a lot of photos ended up grainy because of it. But I went with it for this one and I think it works rather well with the black and white. :) It just confirmed my fears though, and I'm so glad I'm renting a D700 for the wedding I'm shooting in September.

So tonight we discussed crickets and how us girls hate them and the boys think we're silly for it. Well, we got home tonight, and THERE'S A CRICKET just chirping happily away downstairs. Danny was going to get him for me but the stupid thing is hiding under the bookcase. omg. And he's still chirping. I swear I'll be up all night because of it.

Nighty night!

Thursday, August 19

Day 231

Tomorrow evening, my cousin Bethany and her fiance Shadrick will become husband and wife. So excited for them! It's honestly mind-blowing how so many of us are experiencing this same, life-changing event, within months of each other (within weeks for a few). We joked tonight that a year from now we'll probably all look back on this time and laugh, but right now, things are just complete insanity.

I was supposed to go to Molly's tonight and hangout with the girls for Bethany's last night as a Musgrove, but it just didn't work out. It got too late, I have to work tomorrow morning, and we still had a ton of work to do tonight. I was really sad to miss the fun night of fondue, chick flick, and painting toenails.... next time :(

The good news is that we have a stack of 83 addressed, stamped, and licked (yes, licked..omg gross me out) invitations READY TO MAIL TOMORROW!!! Danny was a complete saint and finished addressing every one of them, leaving me with the easy (and rather fun) job of applying the stamps. I don't think my fingers OR arm could take anymore writing, to be honest. How did I manage in high school?? Anyways, I'm only waiting on like 3 more addresses and WOW we have exactly three invitations left. Seriously. HOW does that happen. We talked with Josh and Kelli a little bit tonight and they're getting married next Sunday evening. Stoked for their wedding. They're such awesome people. I'm really, really looking forward to when life slows down for all of us and we can have a chance to hang out with them some. Not to mention the rest of my friends that I've been neglecting (sorry buddies...). I miss you guys, a lot. We're planning to have a "get the favors done" party at Brooke's house soon which I am very much looking forward to.

Eric introduced me to A.A. Bondy today and I'm completely in love. Brooke, if you're reading this, check him out...I think you'll appreciate it.

Ok, my hand, thumb, and elbow are throbbing. Time for sleep. TGIF! (almost)

Wednesday, August 18

Day 230

Today has been completely frustrating. We were going to finish up our invitations BUT the stupid tape I bought from JoAnn's didn't work. I should've just gone to Hobby Lobby. ugh. And the next two nights are going to be completely and totally jam packed. I guess invitations won't be going out this week. :(

Bethany and Shadrick's wedding is this Friday. I'm super excited for them. :)

ok done.

Tuesday, August 17

Day 229

50 invitations assembled, addressed, and stuffed. CHECK! Only about 25 more to go..but we ran out of envelopes and we don't have everyone's addresses yet. But seriously, extremely productive evening. Major thanks to Danny, Patti, and my mom for helping out and putting up with my craziness. I just need it to look a certain way, OK? Ha.

I really really really want to go to the fair tomorrow night. I haven't been to a fair in years and this one is only $7! All I can think of is all the delicious food and awesome photo opportunities.....ha. I guess it just depends on if we're able to get the rest of the supplies for the invites and get that all finished and stuff. The rest of my week/weekend is already jam-packed....sigh. Not to mention I feel a cold coming on...ears and throat hurting every time I swallow. That's not good, right? Meh.

Olivia is going to make me this amazing red dress from Modcloth. I am so excited. :D

Monday, August 16

Day 228

So excited! We got our awesome sign AND cake serving set in the mail today. Things are coming together! I love ordering things from Etsy....Especially when I forget about them. then it's like Christmas!

Danny's making fun of me for how I used to play UO. dude... that game was the best. Don't knock it.

I have a lot to say but no time to type. GOODNIGHT

Sunday, August 15

Day 227

This weekend:

Julie's wedding
10+ hours of road tripping
Lord of the Rings 1 and 2

I scratched that off the list and it felt SO GOOD man. So good. Now onto the 50 million other things we have left to do....Like round up everyone's addresses. Haaaaaaa.

The FedEx guy today was kind of an oddball. He kept making statements that you couldn't decide whether he was joking or being completely serious, so I'd sit there and think "Should I be laughing at this?" and by the time I would decide to laugh it would be a good 2 seconds later and just downright awkward. That happened like 4 times. lolzzz

Saturday, August 14

Day 226

Drove to Alabama today to see Julie get married. She was a beautiful bride!

I'm exhausted.


Friday, August 13

Day 225

at a show. good music. sleepy. missing brooke & kevin's housewarming party (sorry) :( getting up at 7am tomorrow to drive to AL. 4 weddings to attend every weekend from now until Sept 4th. can't. type. in. complete. sentences. goodnight.

Thursday, August 12

Day 224

So I know this isn't like the greatest cloud photo of all time. But whatevs. I like my little Fujifilm camera :)

We're watching Crazy Heart right now. Jeff Bridges does a great job being that character. And by that I mean, he makes you really despise him. Haha. At least I do.

I think we finally finished our invitation/rsvp cards, basically. Now just to get them printed, assembled, and mailed. WILL IT EVER END?!?!?!

Wednesday, August 11

Day 223

Dinner tonight with Brooke and Kevin for Brooke's birthday! SATCO has some good tacos. Then Stef and Nick met us at Ben & Jerry's afterwards. Fun! Lots of hilarious conversation. It was a really good day, overall. I needed it. I'm so thankful for my friends here. They're a complete blessing in my life.

This weekend is the weekend, man. Invitations, I WILL OWN YOU. I plan on mailing them by Tuesday. TUESDAY!!!!! ....

Yawn, i'm sleepy. goodnight.

Tuesday, August 10

Day 222

seriously. so annoyed right now. so i'm just not going to say anything. except for the fact that I hate Windows from the depth of my soul and the second I get the money, I'm buying an iMac. bye!

Monday, August 9

Day 221

I made brownies tonight. It was a boxed mix, but it was still delicious. Smitten Kitchen has a new chocolate cake recipe that I'm dying to try out...but I just wasn't feeling the whole bake-from-scratch thing tonight.

Today is one of those days where I'm not only scrambling to figure out something to photograph...I also just have no idea what to write about. My head is in a fog.

So close yet so far.
10/9/10? yes?

Sunday, August 8

Day 220

So. Against our bitter feelings and angst toward American Airlines, we decided to just change our schedule and go to the Bahamas Tuesday through Tuesday (via AA)..rather than Sunday through Sunday. It was the only way we could make it work, and we tried looking up vacations to every other tropical place we could think of and it was all a good $1000 more. So we're just going to leave Nashville on Oct 9th and go somewhere else for two days and relax..and then go to the Bahamas for a week :) Any ideas on where we could go that's within driving distance? I mean there's always Gatlinburg.......

That was basically today. Figuring out the honeymoon situation. And then Danny's car battery died (seriously, could anything else go wrong?) so we ended up at Advance Auto Parts like 3 times this evening. Testing batteries, recharging batteries, finally buying a new one...blah.

My diet is seriously completely shot this week. It's ridiculous how terribly I've eaten and I just started back on Weight Watchers. Awesome. Just can't wait to weigh in on Tuesday. uggggghhhhhhh

Anyways...tomorrow means two months. And we still haven't gotten invitations printed/mailed. Hahaha....I laugh to keep from crying. =P (j/k)

Saturday, August 7

Day 219

I love this little camera. It's neat.

I'm trying to keep a positive outlook about things. It's difficult.

The Starbucks guy today persuaded me to try my iced chai with soy milk and it seriously changed my life. I will never get a normal iced chai ever again. YUM

Ordered wedding bands today, check. Moved Danny's stuff, check. Sold books back to McKays, got a $42 store credit, bought more books, check. Local Taco and Las Paletas, check. Lots of running around and getting things done, check. Went to a real toy story and looked for an American Airlines model plane to Probably for the best.

Friday, August 6

Day 218

I have no words to describe how terrible this week has been and how completely awful today especially has been.

Thursday, August 5

Day 217

YAAAAAAY Fujifilm Instax Mini 25! Even though the idiot UPS guy stuck it in our 120 degree mailbox (with film) for miraculously still works. Danny hates it when I photograph him. So the first thing I took a picture of was him, naturally. Haha.

We're currently sitting in a Starbucks parking lot just so I can blog, because my laptop is still messed up and now the internet isn't working at our house. The lengths I'll go to for blogging, I tell ya. I can't wait for this year to be over so I can blog like a normal person. Then you'll get mostly meaningful posts and lots of awesome photos instead of "crap, I forgot to take a photo AGAIN today...let's take a photo of this.. umm...cereal box."

Had to reschedule the engagement shoot because of the lame weather tonight... hopefully it'll cooperate next time.

There's this guy a few cars down who has spent this entire time on the phone, rambling in his loud obnoxious voice about something that was "very frustrating"... SHUT UP


Wednesday, August 4

Day 216

If you haven't noticed, I'm going through a major over-edit-my-photos phase. Don't worry. It'll pass.

MY DAD saved my computer files!!!!! He's a genius!!!! I'm seriously so stoked, you have no idea. Dad of the year award. Fo real.

So let me just tell you. If you haven't seen the Huntsville video by're in for a real treat. The remix has been playing through my head all day. Hide ya kids, hide ya wives, hide ya husbands....

Tomorrow: engagement shoot at Cragfont. I'm excited! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we won't all die from the heat.


Tuesday, August 3

Day 215

It's been a long day. I have a feeling it's going to be an extremely stressful two months. Sigh. Exhaustion. I would write more but I think I'm going to go spend a few minutes with my fiance before he heads home. <3

Monday, August 2

Day 214

So, I'm pretty positive my computer has died, once and for all. And I made the most amateur mistake ever... I haven't backed up my files (including photos) in like, 2 months. ALL of it, gone. :( Like I really need to go buy a new computer right now! BLAH. So for those of you that have had wedding and/or baby showers, or any family get togethers that I've photographed...don't hold your breath for those photos to be posted on Facebook. Haaaa.... :(

We ate Pei Wei tonight. So, so good. I can't wait to live closer to the one in Green Hills..I could probably eat there twice a week and never get sick of it. Maybe even 3 times if I was feelin' crazy. And now we're back listening to Noble Beast on vinyl...I do love me some Andrew Bird. It just never gets old. <3

I need it to be the weekend again so I can get things accomplished. I've let everything pile up. Messy room, dirty laundry, ridiculously messy car (on the inside and out), wedding to-do list just getting longer and longer, friends I haven't really hung out with in weeks.... I can't wait to close this chapter and start on the new one. I'm ready. So ready.

Sunday, August 1

Day 213

Happy 2nd Birthday, Caiden!!

So seriously. My STUPID PC might be broken. and our internet keeps going out. Awesome.

I wish it wasn't about to be Monday already. asdhfakjsldkfjha