Friday, April 30

Day 120

Tonight with Brooke! Corn dogs and onion rings at 'The Dog' in an effort to celebrate my last day before hardcore dieting (I need to lose 4 pounds a month in order to lose 20 by October). We ate, talked, laughed, visited Olivia at Local Honey (and I found a new dress by her that I love), and ended the evening with Las Paletas - her the avocado, me the chocolate-banana. Delish.

I think girl's night needs to become a weekly thing. I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but when you hang out with your significant other most of the time you tend to put off things like cleaning your room, organizing your mail that's starting to pile up (oh, maybe that's just me) and buying new clothes. I need to do some serious shopping and if you know me at all, you know I say this with immense dislike.

Thursday, April 29

Day 119

I rely on my source of news from NPR; it's the only radio station I can tolerate (most of the time) and seeing as how I've given up on TV news stations, NPR is my connection to all things...Until about 3 weeks ago when I gave up that connection in favor of the above (I go through these phases, ya know?). Driving has a whole new sense of meaning when spent listening to an audio book. I actually don't dread driving long distances or sitting in traffic; in fact, I prefer longer drives because chances are no matter the amount of time I've been in the car, I still won't be ready to shut the engine off in the middle of a suspenseful chapter. Not to mention it gives me the grand satisfaction of multitasking - when else would you able to read a book and drive? (Legally, of course..)

I'm still feeling uber sick from that dang pizza yesterday. Never again, my friends. Never again.

Wednesday, April 28

Day 118

We met with our soon-to-be photographer tonight, Austin Gros. Although I have quite a few very talented photographer friends and family members, the more I thought about it, the more I really want those people to be able to enjoy my wedding and be there for me during the most important day of our lives. Not to say I won't be asking for help in other ways - ohhh, because I will - but I think it just makes it easier on everyone to hire an outside photographer and let the people I care about be able to take part in our day, enjoy it, and not have to work hard. :) Austin was super nice and patient through all my meticulous questioning. What can I say, I tend to think of every worst-case scenario EVER. "Of course I don't expect you to get run over by a semi on your way home from shooting our wedding, but it could happen!" Ok, that's a bit morbid...

We decided to try "Jet's Pizza" right down the street from Danny's. Not bad, but not life-changing either (and what good is pizza if it's not life changing?). The veggies were all perfectly diced which leads me to believe that they purchase them pre-frozen....come on. Fresh is the only way to go, man.

Tuesday, April 27

Day 117

sorry, no awesome photo today. it rained and then the sky turned blue, so i snapped a photo while driving through our neighborhood. the end.

Monday, April 26

Day 116

Pei Wei has the best fortune cookies. Both in taste, and fortune content.

Sunday, April 25

Day 115

These engineering books used to belong to Danny's grandfather. They were published in 1923 - crazy! One of my favorite time-wasters is going to a used bookstore. I could spend hours in there, browsing through the titles, breathing in the smell of a hundred years of literature. I think I was just born to love books.

We have two movies to watch tonight and I can't decide which one..Avatar or Sherlock Holmes?

Saturday, April 24

Day 114

Today was the 1/2 marathon. Every part of me hurts. I finished, so there's that, but yeah. Pretty sure I won't be doing one of those again, haha. I could bore you with the details of how I kept getting muscles spasms in my calf, or how it poured on us the last three miles, or how I couldn't even find my family for 20 minutes after I crossed the finish line..but I'll spare you the details. I'm glad I can say I did it, but I'm pretty sure that's where it ends. :)

We've spent the rest of the day being complete bums on the couch with my family. And now to watch a movie...and go to bed super early. Nighty night.

(oh, and this is my future rockstar cousin, if you didn't know)

Friday, April 23

Day 113

Yes, this is the brightest orange you've ever seen.
Yes, it hurts your eyes.
And yes, I'll be wearing this t-shirt tomorrow for the marathon.

Thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes. I will CUT you.

13.1 miles.

Thursday, April 22

Day 112

It's official - I've signed my life away. And now there's talk of TORNADOES on Saturday. sweet.

Wednesday, April 21

Day 111

Only a few of you will really understand the significance of this. Haha.

On another note,
Saturday is looming closer than ever and I know I should be pumped and motivated, but I am not. I did not train very much for this 1/2 marathon. I knew it would kill me if I didn't, but I just....didn't. One day would come and go, and I'd say I would train tomorrow, then tomorrow came and did the past 3 months. The most I've done is 11.1 miles and it nearly killed me. Not to mention I have the foot problems of an 80 year old (ok, I may be slightly exaggerating...)

I wonder if there's any way I can get out of this?

Maybe I'll send my proxy.....

Tuesday, April 20

Day 110

I love being surprised with flowers. <3

I also love the macro setting on my G11. It works wonders as an alternative when you don't have a macro lens for your SLR. :]

So we just watched Lost....omg omg omg omg omg!!!!!!!! it's killing me that there are only four episodes left! KILLING ME!! The theories swirling around in my head right now are just causing even more confusion. Sigh. I've said it before and I'll say it again...all TV should really just cease to exist after Lost ends.

Because really,
what is the point?
See ya in another life, Brotha!

Monday, April 19

Day 109

This little girl is a Dachshund that Danny's mom is fostering. She's absolutely adorable, fully grown at two years old and her little legs are only a few inches long. I NEED HER. I held her for a few minutes and she just laid her little head on my neck, perfectly content. PRESH.

Danny & I both took today off work and accomplished so much. He had to visit 4 different 'government' agencies, a credit union, and a bank, and with each one we were pleasantly surprised at how nice everyone was! Except, of course, for the guy obnoxiously snapping at every woman trying to walk into the courthouse about how they needed to hand over their keys. Just the women, mind you.

I'm on a mission to find a sunflower field within driving distance of Nashville. Any tips?

Sunday, April 18

Day 108

I'm not really sure what Jonah was doing here, but he sure was happy about it. :)

Lazy Sunday. Family, good food, hanging out, laughing, listening to good music. Overall a pretty good day....minus feeling nauseous right now. arrrgghh..

Saturday, April 17

Day 107

I know I can't be the only person this happens to. You're driving down the road, coming up to a red light and both lanes are about even in terms of how many cars are in each one (I usually get in the one with fewer cars because let's face it, I'm impatient). BUT WAIT - there's a huge semi truck in the left lane. What do you do? I get in the right lane, obviously, because that truck is going to be slow. I know it is. I can feel it in my bones. It's going to take off slow and yes, I may be taking my chances with Mrs. Soccer Mom driving the mini van in front of me, but come on, it's a SEMI for crying out loud. I get in the right lane without a second thought. The minutes creep by. The light finally turns green. I turn to look at the truck beside me with a satisfactory feeling, knowing I'm going to be speeding past it in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, the driver of the truck guns it and leaves me in the dust. It zooms off into the distance and I'm left behind Soccer Mom, who hasn't even taken her foot off the brake yet. The irony of the situation almost kills me every time. And yes, it happens to me more often than you'd think. Maybe God's trying to teach me something. Ha, ha.

Anyways, today was spent driving a lot, somehow ending up in 100 Oaks 3 different times at various points in the day, but we got Las Paletas in the midst of it all and that plus Stef's b-day in the park really made up for all the traffic and crazy drivers.

Mmmmm. So good that Danny couldn't even open his eyes for the picture.

Friday, April 16

Day 106

Tonight was senior prom night for quite a few friends/family members of mine. This is my cousin Eric with his beautiful date Emily. :) Aren't they adorable together?

I had a lot more to say tonight but it's late, I'm tired, and I want to hangout with a certain someone. I will try to blog "for real" tomorrow and give you more than a few half-hearted sentences. :)

And, another picture of Jonah...for good measure.

Thursday, April 15

Day 105

I just recently discovered the macro setting on my G11.

Think we found a reception venue today...we shall see.

thank goodness it's almost the weekend. I couldn't be more ready.

Wednesday, April 14

Day 104

Here's hoping 2010 is full of adventures.

Met the girls at Taco Mamacitas tonight. SO good and fun! I love hanging out with them. I got the beef brisket taco and fell in love. Although, I'm pretty sure you could put just about anything in a tortilla and I'd eat it (hey, I said just about).. The four of us decided we're going to open a clothing/jewelry store. Haha. Yeah..

This little birdie was just singing away, I had to snap a picture of him!

I realize I'm looking a little crazy-eyed here. Such is life.

Tuesday, April 13

Day 103

Just before I moved to Nashville from Florida, Justin and Rachel gave me this as a going away token. Haha. I have some awesome friends.

Tonight we visited Eric at the Moo and used our Groupon for some yummy ice cream. Came back and watched Lost, and my mind was blown yet again. There are so many theories running through my mind and I'm sure none of them are even close to being correct. The writers of this show are geniuses. I'm fairly certain all TVs across the U.S. are going to implode as soon as the final episode airs.

Tomorrow night I'm meeting the girls at Taco Mamacitas. YES YES YES.

Monday, April 12

Day 102

good hot sauce..

Sunday, April 11

Day 101

Today, my cousin Katie (pictured) took some portrait shots of me and Danny for her photography class homework. I thought she did a great job and decided she should be my picture of the day. :)

I can't believe it's almost Monday. I feel like I say this every Sunday night, but seriously, where did my weekend go? Not to mention I still haven't fully recovered from our 11 miles yesterday. It hurts to move. Tomorrow starts another week...

Hello, Routine. When did we become such close friends? :\

Saturday, April 10

Day 100

Holy smokes, 100 days! I can't believe I've made it this far! Thanks to all you loyal readers for keeping me motivated to continue. Only 265 days to go!

This morning, I woke up at 6:30am - ON A SATURDAY - to meet my coworker Sharon downtown and do part of the marathon course. The most I'd done before today was 6 miles. Today, me, Sharon and her friend Susan finished 11.1 miles. INSANE. I'm pretty sure I was dying. When you start to get angry at the city itself for having too many uphill roads, you know you're about to lose it. Seriously, I didn't realize how far 11 miles was. I'm pretty sure I'll never take my car for granted again. Like the awesome (and pale) person I am, I forgot to wear sunscreen so now I'm lobster-esque. Oh well - I'm glad we did it. I just hope I can finish the actual 1/2 marathon in two weeks (13 miles). Getting out of bed tomorrow morning is looking less and less promising, however.

The remainder of the day was spent at Calista's wedding shower, taking pictures and spending time with family and friends (though I'm pretty sure I was a zombie all day, I felt like one). Pictured above is the jar of M&M's that Bethany had us all guess the number of. It ended up being over 500 - crazy!

I need sleep.

Friday, April 9

Day 99

My little rock star. Haha.

Tonight we met up with Olivia & Grant at the Green Hills shopping center only to find that almost all the stores were closed. on a Friday night. So then we drove all the way to Centinniel Park, and it was dark and there were random people and cars everywhere and it was sliiightly creepy. So we gave up and said goodnight. It was fun while it lasted...

I am positively dreading tomorrow morning. We're doing 11 miles in preparation for the 1/2 marathon in two weeks. I might die out there. Seriously. Come scrape me off the pavement, because that's where I'll be.

Thursday, April 8

Day 98

I'm just thrilled that things are blooming (I know those of you with allergies are probably slightly annoyed at me) but seriously. I can drive down my street and everything is GREEN. Or purple. Or white. Love. It.

In other news, I've been severely missing Florida lately. I know this sounds weird, but you know that fishy smell that hits you every time you drive across the Intercoastal? (this is directed towards my Jax buddies)...yeah. I miss that. I miss the beach, I miss Seafood Kitchen, I miss palm trees. I miss my friends, I miss road trips to Busch Gardens, I miss the hot weather (but NOT the humidity...). I haven't had fresh seafood in MONTHS. That's too long, my friends. Too long.

Wednesday, April 7

Day 97

Spontaneous dinner at MafiaOza's with Brooke & Kevin, and Stef & Nick. So. Much. Fun. Not to mention terrific food. Awesome conversation + good company + lots of laughs + amazing food = best night I've had in a while. We're seriously blessed to have such awesome friends.

I dunno about you, but I'm totally ready for the weekend....and it's only Wednesday.

Tuesday, April 6

Day 96

I kind of want to use these random, non-matching bottles as centerpieces for our reception. Put some sunflowers/wildflowers in there? Heck yes.

Today has been frustrating. Not to mention I came home to realize I had left my laptop charger at Danny's, and I was all ready to finish editing the photos from this weekend's events and send them to my cousins & aunt. UGGGHHHHH. Tomorrow......tomorrow.

This weekend I'm doing 10+ miles with the gang from work. Holy moly. The most I've done so far is like, 4-5. And the marathon is in 2 weeks. They're going to have to peel me off of the pavement and take me to the ER. This marathon will be the death of me, I swear.

Tonight's one saving grace? LOST. :)

Monday, April 5

Day 95

Why we thought it was a good idea to drive aaaallll the way out to the Mellow Mushroom in Franklin, wait over an hour, gorge ourselves on greasy pizza and end up with a $40 bill, I'm not really sure. Next time we'll make our own pizza. Not that it wasn't good, but overall just not worth the trouble. Think about all the tacos you could buy for $40. SERIOUSLY. We did eat outside though, which is pretty much my #1 favorite thing to do in this weather. I could not be more thankful for it. Even today when the thermostat in my car said it was 92 degrees (in my car, not outside), I didn't complain. I just rolled down the windows and turned the stereo up.

I've been listening to Don Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" on audio. I've already read the book once, but it's short and an easy read (or listen, depending on which way you look at it). Every time I read anything by Don Miller, but especially this newest book, I feel an insatiable desire to quit this normal, routine life and go do something worthwhile. Not that I'm not doing anything worthwhile now, but it just makes you really think about and reevaluate your life. I highly recommend it if any of you are looking for new reading material. :)

Now, Flight of the Conchords.

"Murray? Present. Jermaine?"


Sunday, April 4

Day 94

Things I am thankful for: family, friends, and adorable baby cousins who let me continue to take their photo and be obnoxiously in their face for hours.

I am stealing the neighbor's internet because ours decided to stop working, conveniently on the night I waited until 10:30pm to post.

Happy Easter. Jesus loves you whether you love Him or not. How do ya like that?


[ps. we just watched the Soloist and it was fantastic. in case you needed a movie recommendation or something ;)]

Saturday, April 3

Day 93

My beautiful cousin Molly is having twins sometime next month. TWINS! Did I mention these will be their first babies ever? Scary, but exciting. I'm really happy for her and Kyle, and I'm stoked to meet my new little cousins when they finally get here! Today was her "babies" shower. She was looking adorable with her bright blue dress and awesome necklace (that I am admittedly a bit jealous of). She's going to be an awesome mom. :]

While at McKays last night I really had to hold back from buying everything in sight (as usual) but I did end up with a cool Lightroom tutorial book, Don Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years" audiobook (I'm a sucker for those), and Wuthering Heights - because believe it or not, I've never read anything by any of the Brontë sisters. I also picked up a book in the YA fiction section; make fun of me if you wish, but I find myself remembering all the novels I read as a child and how good they were. Maybe when I go back to read them again they won't be as good, but for now I remember them being such a great escape from reality and it's just something you don't get when you read a lot of adult fiction. Perhaps because the author doesn't feel as silly writing about certain things as they would if they were writing for adults. Or maybe I just like YA fiction because I'm a kid at heart (hello, Harry Potter and Twilight).

Anyways, all that to say, I'm going to try to get back into reading again. As a kid my favorite thing used to be going to the library. I'd come out with a HUGE stack of books every couple of weeks and I loved nothing more than to just sit and read for hours with my mom. Oddly enough, there was one particular book that taught Swahili (yeah, of all the languages I could pick as an 8 year old child, I chose that one) that I continued to check out and re-check out every two weeks. I'm surprised the library didn't eventually ban me from it and force me to give other children a turn (because I'm sure the Swahili book was in such high demand). Unfortunately the only words I remember now are "Jambo" (hello) and Kwaheri (goodbye). Wonderful. I can begin, and end, a phone conversation with a person from Kenya in record time.

Friday, April 2

Day 92

The view from Danny's sunroof. Hello, downtown Nashville.

Today was spent mostly outside in some form or fashion. I loved it. Instead of rambling on about it I'll just give you some more photos (all taken with the G11, I didn't feel like bringing the Nikon with me today)

I was reminded of how much I loathe Guitar Center. But ohh, do I like this Gretsch.


We got Danny's mom some Gigi cupcakes as a belated birthday present. Two flavors: Midnight Magic Chocolate and Birthday Surprise (duhhh).

Picnic with Olivia & Grant at Two Rivers Park. Subsequent exploring of the Greenway afterwards.

The neato walking bridge.

PRM wuz here. Remember writing that in high school? Maybe it was just me...

Running my big mouth as usual.


Kid at heart.

Which led to this:

And then this: ("help me doooown!")

The beginnings of a sunset

That's right ladies and gents, you can get this little gem for a mere five cents. I hope you know that's what your music career is worth to McKays, Miley. And really, to the world in general.

Overall, today has been wonderful. Back home now and I'm seriously exhausted, and ever grateful that today is Friday and not Saturday. The weekend is still upon us. We were just listening to Matthew Perryman Jones and I always forget how much I enjoy his music until I listen to it again. Then I'll forget, and happen upon it a few months later, and the cycle starts all over again. His lyrics are just inspiring. Now we're listening to Radiohead - Hail to the Thief. Possibly my favorite record from them. It is my goal to see them live before I die.

Oh, still my soul
In the silence make me whole
Oh, embrace my heart, so that cannot depart
Oh, still my soul


Thursday, April 1

Day 91

Today felt like a good healthy dose of Florida sunshine, minus the humidity. It was glorious. 82 degrees makes my heart happy. I'm sure in a couple months we'll all be complaining about it being 90+ degrees, but right now, it's nothing but blissful sunshine.

We spent the evening having sushi at PM, and then we split a piece of cake from Fido. Their cakes are seriously awesome. It certainly fits true to its name (Pink Radio Cake) and it tasted amazing, too.

Now, coffee and hopefully House. I'm exhausted and I just found out that I get to spend my morning off tomorrow running around getting my emissions test and registration renewed. I guess it's my fault for letting it slide, but seriously?! No one should have to spend their vacation day like that. :P